Monday, January 16, 2017


Below are just a few of the highlights you'll find in Bride Chic's new look book that's out on ISSUU.  I love putting together these look books that are a product of the shoots we do for this blog and for my business.  Also on the horizon is the completion of Bride Chic: The Book, a comprehensive bride's guide of fashion and putting your look together on your wedding day.  You'll find everything from choosing fabric, dress style and lots of tips on accessorizing from a real pro like yours truly . . .
Above:Images from The Pursuit of Simplicity Shoot, photography by Shannon Grant///Below: Diaphanous blouses from The Bridal Blouse Shoot 
 Above; Images from An Autumn Champagne Tea In The Woods with photos by LaKeela Smith Photography//Below; The UNION Shoot with images by Nathan Larimer of Winter Tree Studios

You can also catch back issues of Bride Chic Look Books on ISSUU but believe me, they carry timeless fashion and photography ergo as fresh as the newest stuff . . . .

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