Monday, January 2, 2017


Happy 2017 everyone! I'd planned on running a few photos of some new capes just off the work table but camera downloading to computer has having issues.  So working on The Bride Chic Book over the holidays, I uncovered this nugget of a chapter especially for all you brides out there contemplating ditching the veil.

Yes, veils are still in vogue.  And yes, there are more styles out there than you can count.  But before making the decision to wear one consider your options.  Some brides are ditching the veil altogether, topping off with special touches like wide brimmed hats, fresh flowers and jewels in their hair.  The idea is, if you’d rather wear a feathered toque down the aisle and it works with your gown, go for it.
FLORALS in your hair.  (Below Left) They compliment simple evening gown silhouettes with that tropical feel, A-lines and ballgowns with a touch of the romantic.  There are three kinds of florals: Fresh, artificial and hand-rolled fabric flowers.  All are beautiful choices.  Fresh can be ordered through your florist possibly echoing some of those in your bouquet.  Artificial flowers are typically silk, some so well made they look like they were just picked out of the garden.  Hand-rolled flowers are made out of fabric like dupioni, organza or shantung, sometimes in the same fabric as your gown.  These have a real haute couture look and are usually attached to a barrette or spongy wire
WREATH-(Below) Very romantic.  A wreath circles the head and is interwoven with flowers, foliage and in some cases, ribbons.  Florists can put these together either with fresh, artificial or dried flowers.  Some variations would be those made exclusively of English Ivy or dried roses and baby’s breath.
HATS   Once you start trying them on, you’ll see how each works with the shape of your face, your body type and gown.  A petite bride can wear a picture hat like the one below as long as it’s not massive and is in proportion with the rest of her.  The evening-gowned bride will need something with enough width to create symmetry with her gown.  Go wild with adornments like feathers, flowers, ribbons, drapes and poufs of netting, to name just a few.  The widest assortment of hats can be found in millinery shops.  Here you’ll get lots of personal attention.  And if you don’t find exactly what you want, they’ll custom make it for you.  Look through better department stores and go to Etsy shops for more inspiration.   

SNOOD- (Above) Another sophisticated look.  A snood is a piece of openwork netting used to cover buns and chignons.  They were highly popular in two eras: the Civil War and World War II.  The contemporary versions that compliment evening and bridal wear often have pearls, or crystals on them.
HEADBAND- typically attached to a gathered pouf veil, you can wear the headband individually without the veiling.  Headband brides have that fresh, Estee Lauder look.  Bands range in style from simple, narrow satin ones to those covered in pearls and crystals.  A great option for hair worn down, not quite shoulder length like a bob.  The beaded band below is worn low on the forehead to create an entirely different look.
TIARA-Just the tiara—no veil.  This is a classic look.  Most tiaras are made out of crystal and rhinestone. Best when the tiara sits upon a well-coiffed up-do.  Forget the plastic pageant variety.  Invest in Swarovski.  The tiaras below are made of feathers and Alencon Lace--maybe not your typical but loads of fun . . . .

HAIR JEWELRY-These can range from Mother of Pearl hairpins to crystal adorned hair-sticks and clips. You can wear one or many sprinkled though a beautifully coiffed head.  Top notch hair styling is a must to wear these properly.
Photo Credits: Header Photo and hair florals-Lirette Photography
Wreath by Sweetlight Studios/Head Band photos by Bride Chic
Directly Above Photos by Sweetlight Studios


Rachel said...

Veil is now out of fashion for almost every bride by the end of 2016. And I have seen many brides opting for floral veils or no veil at all.

Anonymous said...

Stunning look and ball dresses , you look so beautiful in the outfit, thanks!

Sheila said...

These are lovely pictures, but I remain devoted to the bridal veil!