Thursday, February 27, 2014


Every picture tells a story and if ever a series of images spun a tale Carey and Alex's wedding in Norristown Pennsylvania is positively a love poem.  From the intricate and close up details of  the lace on her wedding gown to the expression on the groomsman's faces as they watch Carey process up the aisle--the photographers at 52 Forty have captured it all beautifully. Check out the DIY details, so charming and original.  The canned and pickled  favors to the Grand Parents table--all these make for a truly lovely wedding . . . .


Photography by 52Forty Photography///
Bride's Gown by Allure Bridals///
Hair and Makeup by Culture Hair Studio///
Groom's Attire by Louis Purple///
Venue: John James Audubon Center


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Want a real vintage look you’re not finding in the salons? White not quite your thing?  Maybe you just want to go Art Deco or sport a to-the-floor suit you can’t get going the traditional route?  You may need to go beyond the the salon to find what you want.  Where to start?  


Most Vintage clothing stores stock actual gowns from by-gone eras as well as ‘retro-inspired’ selections that are brand new. The bride in love with a particular era of clothing usually checks vintage clothing stores first. Not all brides opt for an actual gown that survived her favorite era though. Some choose a newer style reflecting the period instead. Why? Because that authentic 1925 chemise may be so delicate, without proper restoration it could literally fall apart. Think of gowns belonging to the ages like you would certain antiques: some so precious to be considered museum quality. Depending on restoration, the rule of thumb is, the older the gown the less they should be worn. If you are set on wearing that 1910 dress find a specialist in restoration who can advise. Also know your1910 dress can be an expensive but wise investment. For instance, if you invest in an original 50s-60s style, you’ll pay a lot less than the 1880s-1913 originals that, if intact, could be the equivalent to some down payments on a house.
The dresses shown here come from Divine Elegance, a savvy vintage retailer in the San Francisco Bay Area (and on Etsy).  The  blue ball gown a la 1950s was authentic vintage and sold to a bride in Paris.  The gold and white dresses are also true vintage gems--a great option for any bride who wants to explore the beyond the salon concept . . . .

Photos:. . . . . Bryan John Hendon

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The Knot Book of Wedding Gowns put it succinctly when making this observation: "When it comes to topping it off there are two types of brides: 'hair' brides and 'veil' brides."
In the case of the veil bride, she may figure wearing this traditional accessory will be a once-in-a-life time deal; others claim they don't really feel like a bride till the veil goes on. A hair bride is another story. Her crown of glory is her way of pulling the whole look together whether her hair is worn up, down or even with a veil tacked to the back of a bun, back and out of the way. For today's bride variations of headpieces and hats can either compliment or replace a veil. We're even seeing hair jewelry added to the 'topping it off'' process. I had the opportunity to work with makeup artist and hair designer, Christal Caladaio on this shoot;; she made available the stick pin hair jewels shown in these images that so many brides love. Check out the variations here from pearls to rhinestones, round and star shapes . . .
Above: Often hair brides will opt for cage veils or netting woven through a hairstyle. In the case of the above photo, Christal wove and swirled a yard of 12 inch netting though AnaMaria's chignon and and sprinkled rhinestone jewels through the hair.
Below: Christine gave Elle a little bit of veil tacked onto the back of a bun here. She looks so debutante.

 Reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady, both Audrey Hepburn flicks and if you check out the models--they too are hair-dressed in the spirit of Audrey. Are we perhaps a tad bit Audrey obsessed here . . . .?

Long hair and/or hair worn freely is very on trend. The Boho look you see here is just one of your options
I'd like to thank Robin and Shelah of Sweet Light Studios in San Francisco for their beautiful work on these images. And those three beauties, Elle W, Natalie and AnaMarie.
Gowns and Headpieces: Amy-Jo Tatum 
Makeup and Hair: Christal Caladiao

Monday, February 24, 2014


I can only dream of finding a submission like this in my inbox so a big thank you to Ginny of Retrospect Images for sharing this inspiring work with us today. I'm loving each and every one of these images full of soft pastels and delicate textures. Believe it or not this one of a kind headpiece and ring are made of succulents by  Three Sisters Flowers and Events. Kudos to Ginny and her team of super talented vendors who helped create and bring this story book romance to life  . . . .

Photographer:  Retrospect Images///Makeup Artist: Kat Tinney A-List Makeup///

Thursday, February 20, 2014


 Here's that shade of blue we all know and love and so well it's become iconic.  Invaribly associated with Tiffany and CO, here are some finds in fashion and wedding decor so spot-on for the bride planning a Tiffany Blue theme . . . .

Row 1: Left: White rose petal pouf veil and opera length gloves by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride; Right: Tiffany-inspired blue favor boxes by Favorites by Glenda
Row 2 Tiffany Blue satin clutch purse by Simply Chic Jewels
Row 3  Left: Byzantine Antique Gold Framed Acrylic Bracelet by Dasanda; Right: Something Blue Wedding Shoes by Paris xox
Row 4 Tiffany Blue hair clip by Lil Miss Lush Design
Row 5 Left: Flower girl dress by Olivia Kate Couture; Right: Tiffany blue wedding hanky by Aristocrafts
Row 6  Tiffany Blue damask oragami bridal bouquet by New Z Lynn
Row 7 Left: Blue silk garter by Anna D'Sousa; Right: Tiffany blue flower hair clips by Sara's Boutique
Row 8 Tiffany blue custom party favor boxes by Abbey and Lizzie Designs
Row 9 Blue glittered hand-stamped gift tags by Green Acres Cottage
Row 10 Mr & Mrs chair hangers by Romantic Planet