Friday, November 30, 2012


Gown by Amy-Jo Tatum/Photo by Jim Vetter Photography
Over on One Wed Blog where you can hear me chatting away about time travel.  If I could be granted one wish before I die--(or maybe once I'm dead--I have no idea how these para-norm things work) it would be to travel back in time so I could actually get a touch and feel of an era.   I think I'd start in the 1930s.  Why?  Can you think of any time  fashion was so elegant, almost minimalist than the 30s?   The body-hugging bias cut was still a new invention and believe it or not,  radical concept.  READ MORE . . . 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Redheads come in all shades: auburn, ginger, cinnamon, chestnut, henna, strawberry blond, carrot top.  Hair isn't the only thing that characterizes a real redhead though.  Fair, sometimes alabaster skin with a peach undertone and freckles are all hallmark of the quintessential Celtic beauty, marking shades like ivory, peach and eggshell a redhead's best pick.  So why are these yellow tones best?  A redheaded complexion is most likely fair and pale ergo most whites and stark whites will wash out the complexion. On the other hand, ivory and eggshell tones will warm up skin tone and once they're put on do seem to belong to redheads exclusively. Silk whites--which is to say off or muted whites like the shade in the header photo and second photo below can work for the bride with red hair as long as they stay fairly matte or muted . . . 
 Left: via The Wedding Chicks/ Right: via Pinterest
Left: Via Pinterest/Right: via Sibo Designs

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The thing that makes a wedding gown so special is attention to detail inside as well as out. Your gown won't look finished off without the proper lining and/or a slip. For snug sheath and evening gown silhouettes an appropriate lining will suffice. Anything beyond an A-line requires a slip that provides structure. So what is structure? The ball gowns below are shaped with slips made out of crinoline--stiff netting.  At left a medium slip is perfect for an A-line and  a very wide and voluminous slip structures the bouffant skirt beside it. Whether you're going for an A-line, princess or full bouffant shape, your slip should be worn separately from your gown (read: yes, as in a whole separate piece). Why? You don't want to add bulk to the waistline. Wedding gowns have enough heavy duty handiwork going on inside, why add more? I know most gowns come with built-ins, but do ask your salon when placing the order to have the designer send your slip as a separate component from the gown.
Directly Above: A-line and Bouffant gowns.  Perfect candidates for the full slip treatment . . . .
                             My client Donna's wonderful purple and red slip.  See how it gives a full skirt that bouffant                   effect? And see just how much crinoline actually shapes it?  Photos by Loic Photography/Right middle photo via Pinterest

Header Photo: Via Tassels
A-line and Bouffant Photos by Lirette Photography and John Truong Photography

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Baby it's cold outside!  Not a prob: A winter bride has that magical wonderland backdrop of white and silver light to inspire her.  I really swooned over these bling and feather ice princess images infusing so much glimmer. Something to remember about wearing white in winter--opticals and brights are perfect and pair up beautifully with silver grays.  The last photos show a more muted and elegant white for those who want to ease up donning so much sheen . . .

Top Photo: ZsaZsa Bellagio/Photo 2: Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum via Pinterest
Photo 3: Bling bouquet by Debby Carlisle Bouquets UK/Photo 4:Jeweled and beaded top via Zsa Zsa BellagioBlog via Pinterest
Photo 5: Ice  Princess pantsuit by Chanel via Tumbler
Photo 7: Elie Saab dress via Chiffon et Ribbons/Photo 8: Lace helmut by Alexander McQueen
Photo 9: White turtleneck dress by Chanel
Photo 10: White suede and marabou cape by Amy-Jo Tatum/Snow-laden trees via Tumblr

Monday, November 26, 2012


You have to admit, part of the beauty of this wedding was the setting, the picturesque Warwick Country Club on Narragansett Bay.  And just look at these two--so in love!  Whitney and Micah tied the knot in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, she arriving with her father in a black Classic Ford Super 8. Erin Camp Photography was on hand  at Our Lady of Mercy Parish to shoot the ceremony.  Afterwards guests traveled in true Rhode Island style, in an authentic Newport Trolley, the newlyweds meeting up with family and friends to celebrate at Warwick County Country Club.  I personally love the picture of Whitney on the spacious lawn, gown sprawled out with babes in each arm.  As Erin who shot the day said,  "This was the wedding little girls dream of . . ."

Dress Designer:
Cake Designer:
Bridesmaid Dresses: 
Ceremony Location: 
Event Venue:
Floral Designer:
 GrandiFloral Design

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have a really Happy Thanksgiving!

oxoxoxo from San Francisco

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today I have a styled shoot for you that's quite frankly off the charts--a bit Victorian and a tad Steampunk.  French photographer, Alizee Fonvielle of Modaliza Photographie shot this incredible 19th Century French Lit meets Paris fashion with a team of talented creators in the French countryside near Bordeaux. The original styling you see here was co-created with Melianwing, editor of Le Petit Journal des Mariages Rétro, a French blog site devoted to vintage weddings.  Melanwing had this to say about creating the concept for this editorial: "It was important to me, as an editor to transform one of my favourite literature genres into an original and inspirational work. I've put a lot of me in it to show my readers my own ideas. It was a great partnership and a wonderful experience for all of us"
Said Alizee about the project:"Steampunk is a science fiction genre inspired by the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution.  Most of this literature came from British culture but one of its well-known fathers is Jules Verne, the famous French writer.  In this styled bridal shoot, we wanted to show how interesting this genre can be as a theme for a vintage wedding (or even for book lovers) 
and how it could be developed 'à la française' 
 "We created a vintage romantic theme evoking an elegant, poetic and almost magical atmosphere in a lovely French park (with a Gustave Eiffel glass house and a XVIII century castle). 
We chose to develop three themes and styles to present the many possibilities of the genre :
 First, in white, black and purple : Thoughts of love – the romantic promenade of a blushing bride-to-be thinking of her fiancé…
 Then, in white and black : Fairytale – a curious fairytale princess lost in the contemplation of the beautiful garden …
 Finally, in ivory, gold and brown : Imaginary travels – an elegant Victorian lady living imaginary adventures, ready for the more romantic of them all : Marriage…"


Alizee Fonvielle is a destination photographer available for travel throughout Europe and the US."I know each Big Day is personal and unique and always try to make people comfortable in front of the camera, creating pictures that will become beautiful memories . . . ."

 Photography : Modaliza
Model : Melianwing (Fany D) 
Assistant Photographer : Cedrine D.
Hair and makeup : Suany makeup
Dresses : Princesse du cap
 Jewels and hair accessories: So Hélo 
Invitations : Lyllcreation
Flowers : Eden Fleur 
Design inspiration : Melianwing