Thursday, March 5, 2015


  Here we go with a new round of gowns from the  Forever Boho Collection. I've been wanting (no dying) to use these laces--especially the ecru Chantilly in exactly the right pieces.  Made out of the lightest silks, tulles and laces,  La Boheme Bride was  shot with the immensely-talented Erica Garlieb, a San Francisco based wedding photographer who has captured the rustic and woodland feel in these photos so beautifully.   Throw in the talents of Felicia Chang of Bun Bun Bridal Lab and some fabulous jewelry from Novia Blanca and it made for a great day at The Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco (yes they do weddings!). 
 A little off the golf course proper is a hiking trail where we set up shooting for La Boheme Bride.   The trails were the perfect backdrop with the evergreen trees and giant logs acting as nature' s props . . . .

Gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum
Hair and Makeup by Bun Bun Bridal Lab
Jewelry by Novia Blanca    

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We're still seeing so many Gatsby-styled editorials out there on the wedding blogs, I'd swear we're all traveling back in time.  Some posts are magnificent and some I have to admit are a tad overdone.   The point is, you want to form a complete look for yourself without piling the feather boa over too many layers of sequins.  Whether you're recreating details of this particular era or mixing it up with other decades, your wedding look should reflect you and all that you love about fashion.
*Have a passion for the era and really study it out.  If you watch shows like Boardwalk Empire or Downton Abbey, the costuming and set design in these productions is right on target.

*If you're trying to get as close as you can to authenticity and your hair is long, wear it in a styled chignon.  A hairstylist will know how to add those deep waves.  If your hair is short try to style it into a bob.  Again, a good hairstylist can Marcelle or style it to really look like you've been time traveling through the 1920s.  Also great hairstyling lays the perfect canvas for adding just the right headpiece or veil.  The model's hair in the picture below is actually quite long. Hairstylist,Rachel Gardea worked magic with it

* Veils and hats tended to be worn across or low on the forehead as in the images directly below.
 * The 1920s was the decade of the dropped waist that sat either on the hips or fell into no waistline at all found in the shift and chemise styles.

*Concentrate on accessories that pull your look together like ropes of pearls you can tie, knotted or fringed shawls and cloche hats.
 * Remember, this was an era when women's fashion finally reflected freedom from corsetry and heavy layering.  Heavy-duty bras and Spanx are fine if you really and truly need bust support and tummy control.  Otherwise, take a clue from your fashion forebears and free yourself.
 * By all means seek out beautiful workmanship.  True, the standard 1920s silhouette didn't flatter every  woman's shape but it was an era known for incredible detailing on clothing like intricate smocking and hand embroidery, lace insets, pleats, draping, etc.
All gowns and head wear by Amy-Jo Tatum
Top Photo by Jim Vetter Photography//Hair and Makeup by Rachel Gardea
Photo 2 by Bride Chic//Hair by Michelle Promyotin of Pins and Curls//
Photo 3 by Jim Vetter Photography//Hair and Makeup by Rachel Gardea
Photos 4 and 5 by Samantha Smith Photography
Photos 6 and 7 by Bride Chic
Photo 8 by Jim Vetter Photography
Photos 9-10 by Jim Vetter Photography//Hair and Makeup by Rachel Gardea
Photo 11 by Bride Chic
Photo12 by Jim Vetter Photography
Photos 13 and 14 by Bride Chic///Hair and Makeup by Rachel Gardea
Photo 15 by Samantha Smith Photography///Hair by Michelle Promyotin of Pins and Curls//

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Scheduled Thursday is this great shoot, La Boheme Bride captured by the talented and awesome at getting all the small details, Erica Garlieb.  These were shot out at the Presidio in San Francisco--the theme Boho with  new pieces from The Forever Boho Collection.  The gowns we featured here are light and airy in silks, tulles and some very special laces you're gonna wanna stayed tuned for. If you're wondering about the rustic backdrop here it is the walking trails behind the Presidio Golf Course.
Gown by Amy-Jo Tatum
Hair and Makeup by Bun Bun Bridal Lab
Jewelry by Novia Blanca    

Thursday, February 26, 2015


A couple weeks back I did a post on One Wed all about two piece and separates dressing.  Take a trip around the wedding blogs and you'll find two piece bridal gowns trending big time.  PHAEDRA is a top and skirt made out of tea dyed tulle over blush taffeta with Chantilly lace appliques placed underneath the tulle both on the skirt and bodice.  The uber romantic look was inspired by the Edwardian tea gown women used to wear at a particular time of day pre and post WWI.  Incorporating lace and soft flowing fabrics, even as late as the 1930s these gems showed up in movies where ladies sported a grand as well as genteel lifestyle. Those oldie movies featuring dresses like this were some of the best inspirations in my creating something like this . . . .
This is a custom piece.  Any inquiries contact  Amy-Jo Tatum  415.258.8204

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


As you can see by our header photo we're allover the bohemian look here on Bride Chic.  These images in today's post by Shannon Stellmacher are swoon-worthy and then some.  Defined, Boho is a fashion look borrowing from the peasant, early bohemian and hippie looks of the sixties. Boho can be earthy and ethereal all at once, with gowns sporting diaphanous fabrics topped off with head wreaths made out of fresh florals and greenery like ivy. 
So what does Boho have in common with bridal?  Boho is an over-the-top romantic look and if weddings are anything they are just that.  My take on Boho dressing hints at the woman child within us all and a celebration of all that's feminine . . . .  

Gowns and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum///Makeup and hair by Julie Morgan

Monday, February 23, 2015


The art of customizing a dress begins with all those accents you know as bows, ribbons and belts.  It's amazing how the thinnest to widest ribbon can add so much (or little) to your dress.  Yes, combined those notions can play a big part in the adornments department. They can add real style and versatility to a dress whether tied front or back, at the waist and/or in the case of some of these designs, placed just about anywhere .  .  .
Above: A polka dot belt with a striped bow accentuated by a daisy echoed on the brim of the hat finishes off the Tatanya Dress of yards of soft white  tulle./// Photo by Dominic Colacchio Photography// Below: The Lila Dress.  More yards of soft white tulle belted at the waist with a gray satin ribbon
 Below: Contrasting ribbon tie belt cinched with a white polka dot daisy.  Photo by Samantha Smith Photography

Above: The Musetta Dress-Organza bows on the arm and an embroidered gold passementrie belt added to give the skirt that peasant look.  Below:  The April Dress--Stripped organza bows on the shoulder and a gray satin belt at the waist compliment the allover embroidered organza//Photo by Stephanie Williams Photography

   Above and Below: Wide embroidered taffeta ribbon fashioned into belts, borders and sashes.Below photos by Shona Nystrom of Studio 7teen//Above--The Opal Dress/Below--The Rose of Sharon Dress

                    Below--A large silk taffeta bow with french netting make a beautiful headpiece

Header Photo by Strotz Photography
Dresses and head pieces by Amy-Jo Tatum