Friday, October 9, 2015


 By special order from The Forever Boho Collection is The EMMA Dress, a confection of tulle and Chantilly laces.  Inspired by the tea gowns of The Downton Abbey period, I wanted to add a very romantic piece to the line that could only be ordered with one of a kind laces like this in mind.  The client and I choose these laces individually so it will be custom and like no other in the world,  The over skirt here is placed over a fitted silk with a slit in the back for ease of movement.  Thanks to Antonio Crutchley and hairstyllist/MUA Julie Morgan for this magnificent shoot that was featured on Style Me Pretty

 Photographer: Antonio Crutchley | Wedding Dress: Amy Jo Tatum Bridal | Venue: Santa Barbara Historical Museum | Floral Design and Headpiece: Cindy Sheridan | Hair And Makup: Julie Morgan

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Ginger brides love Autumn.  And why wouldn't they? Aka redheads they come in all shades to match this most changing of seasons: auburn, ginger, cinnamon, chestnut, henna, strawberry blond, carrot top.  Hair isn't the only thing that characterizes a real redhead though.  Fair, sometimes alabaster skin with a peach undertone and freckles are all hallmark of the quintessential Celtic beauty, marking shades like ivory, peach and eggshell a redhead's best pick.  So why are these yellow tones best?  A redheaded complexion is most likely fair and pale ergo most whites and stark whites will wash out the complexion. On the other hand, ivory and eggshell tones will warm up skin tone and once they're put on do seem to belong to redheads exclusively. Silk whites--which is to say off or muted whites can work for the bride with red hair as long as they stay fairly matte or muted . . . 


Photo 1: via Pinterest
Photos 2 and 3: via For Redheads/// Tumblr//
Photo 4: via Tumbler
Photo 5: via Autumn in my Veins
Photo 6: via Swooned
Photos 8-11: via Style Me Pretty
Photo 12: via Style Me Pretty
Photos 13 and 14:via Offbeat Bride
Photo 15: via Gardens of Whimsy
Photo 16:via Style Me Pretty
Photo 17: via Wedding Sparrow

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Imagine a parade of pretty little girls processing their way through a crunch of autumn leaves. Although this line-up doesn’t fit the typical spring wedding reminiscent of blooming roses and scattering of flower petals, an autumn version of the  ‘little girl’ trend is different and delightful. For those of you considering adding some autumn ‘wee chic’ to your wedding, let this medley of images be an inspiration for your Fall nups . . . .
Photo 1: via Junebug Weddings
Photo 2: via Hippity Hoot Notion
Photo 4: via Angel Babes Tutus
Photo 5: via Bella Bean Couture
Photo 6: via Izzy's Couture
Photo 7: via Bobbi and Mike

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The lower light of Autumn blends so beautifully with pink!  Think of these images as Autumn pastels complimentary to the softer side of the season. Pomegranates and apples mixed in with the soft pinks and gold are what make this palette so incredible.  Add the back drop of wheat toned grasses to the overall texture--absolutely stunning!
A big thanks to KATSPHOTOS and her team of very talented team of wedding pros for this truly gorgeous Autumn inspiration . . . .

Monday, October 5, 2015


 It's all in the detail from the rustic and warm colors to rough honned textures that make us think and feel warmth.  While fashion gets a bit more elegant with heavier taffetas and satins come late October, decor seems to go rustic, the way of wheat bouquets and a wood wagon acting as the perfect table top. While the weather out here in Northern California isn't exactly as chilly as say, Philadelphia, we're enjoying that real blitz of color that goes wild ranging from yellows to deep reds.  Below is a medley of  Fall colors, textures and overall eye candy I thought so perfect for getting ready and inspired for Fall . . . . .

Photo 1: via Wedding Mix
Photos 3 and 4: via Deer Pearl Flowers
Photos 5-10: via Love My Dress
Photo 11: via Wedding Colors
Photos 12 and 13: via Burnett's Boards
Photos 14 and 15: via Purely Her///Beneath My Heart