Sunday, February 28, 2010



What could be prettier for a Spring wedding than something light and diaphanous? I've been watching this UK designer weave her magic in the bridal market for some time. Alice Temperley’s bridal gowns premiered only recently here in the US. These gems are carried in her flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles. The gowns pictured hail from the 2010 Collection and can be viewed by making an appointment at the Temperley showroom NYC(212.219.2929)LA (323.782.8000).

Saturday, February 27, 2010



Here they are, little girls looking their most angelic, all dressed up in wreaths and carrying baskets of fresh-picked flowers. If you're considering adding one, two or even more little girls to process down the aisle, really dress them up so your wedding will be all the more special. If you're wearing a ball gown and like the storybook theme, go all out. Put your girls in tulle dresses with floral wreaths on their heads. Present them the gift of ballet slippers to wear. They'll cherish these long after the wedding.
If it's a more casual wedding and/or money is tight, here are some options: Find her a special little cotton or linen nightgown she can use afterwards. She'll look Kate Greenaway chic in it, especially if she goes barefoot. Remember, barefoot is okay on kids, particularly at an outdoor or beach wedding. The trick to getting away with this informality is making sure the rest of your little one's appearance looks festive enough— ribbons or wreaths on the head; possibly straw baskets of flowers.
If you're having your little girls dresses made here are some things you need to know about fabrics, particularly fabrics flattering on children. If you use silks, use medium-weight ones like dupioni or shantung. These will work for winter weddings too, provided you pick a style with long sleeves, jackets, etc. Heavier satins and brocades are out—too weighty for a child to carry off and be comfortable in all day. Instead try lightweight velvets in deep jewel tones for those Christmas/Winter weddings. For spring/ summer dresses, lightweight fabrics like organza, chiffon, and tulle can overlay medium weight silks like those mentioned above. Linen is great for casual and beach weddings.
Most of all, find fabrics and props that encourage them to be kids and have fun. Children after all represent renewal and fertility. What more could you ask on your wedding day?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Venue: Michael's on Main, Soquel ca
Cake Topper: Corpse bride action figures (victor and victoria)
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Sara and Brent really mixed up the Goth with rustic glam for this Soquel, California wedding.
Both had an incredible a flair for infusing their own personal stamp on the day. In the bride's own words, here's how the Sara and Brent story went:
'It twas a late and fateful evening in the elegant 24 hour fitness sauna, when Brent first spoke to Sara. They would see each other once more before being utterly frustrated after several disappointing attempts to "run into" the other. Brent realized that Sara had provided him with just enough information to find her work email online through astute detective work (and not hours of cyber stalking) so that he might send her an email asking her to coffee a month later.
After the first date she knew this guy was different...
After a month she knew that he was her soul mate (which was a little strange because she didn't really know that she had even believed in the idea of soul mates) and yet she knew that is exactly what he was...
They were married one year,one month and seventeen days after she met the man who had exceeded all of her dreams.'

Sara's first grade students made this book, Advice for a Happy Marriage as a wedding present

With a brown gown, Sara goes Goth in this lace-up strapless gem . . .

Victoria's arm fell off minutes before the wedding

Brent's daughters.... Don't you just love their outfits?

Sara's aunt Elaine, officiated the ceremony. She's Buddhist minister's assistant.

These two images are evocative of the spirited and child-like fun this couple seem to share . . .

Cowbell competition... fighting for who would not have to dishes and take out the trash for a year.... Good friend nick's band Monsters Are Not Myths accompanying....
Morgan Bellinger of Move Photography loves shooting weddings, engagements, portraits, food, and journalism projects. She is California/Arizona based, working as a destination photographer now booking 2010 and 2011 weddings!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Outfits for Boys
Have you noticed Grooms going a bit more casual lately? Though elegant, the suit tux has replaced the classic monkey suit as they called them in my generation. In fact, back in my day groom's attire ran the gamut of the Liberace special in pastel colors complete with a matching ruffled shirt. No wonder so many couples got married in blue jeans back then. Fast forward thirty years and we're looking at some better choices. Vintage is chic these days as long as it's not 1970s Las Vegas. If men are going to wear classics those classics have to be ones we remember as super cool. Humphrey Bogart in his white dinner jacket in Casablanca still rates cool. So does Sean Connery as James Bond in the black tie number he popularized in Goldfinger. What about the groomsmen pictured above in Beaver Cleever sneakers? Radical, a little goofy, but very in right now. Let's call it a fad.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Shoes are generally last accessory on the list when putting the whole bridal look together. Lately though shoes have gotten so chic, by the third fitting my bride usually has the pair she's going to wear on her wedding day. If you're still in the deciding stage here are a few of my favs.

Above: Grace Aria shoe.Strappy sandals with all the extras: white silk satin trimmed in silver stitching and sequin flowers makes your wedding day complete.
Each silk satin shoe with silver stitching, beading, and silver sequin flower design features rhinestone buckle and 3.25" heel. Heel height will be slightly higher in larger sizes and slightly lower in smaller sizes. Not dyeable

Cynthia Rowley Star

Sling-back sexy from Cynthia Rowley.
Each white sling-back satin shoe with rhinestone buckle features 2.5" heel, lightly padded footbed, and signature "something blue" leather sole. Dyeable.

Grazia/ Caterina

Simple styling lets the rhinestones steal the spotlight. The enclosed heel is very sophisticated, the adjustable strap gives you a personalized fit. Tapered heel measures 3.5". Made from top quality silk satin in your choice of white or ivory.

Benjamin Adams/ Winslet

Absolutely elegant and ready to dress up any gown. Heel Each shoe is hand crafted with duchesse silk which gives the shoe a luxurious look, and soft leather lining for comfort and structure

Benjamin Adams/Tyler

A wonderfully designed peep toe shoe with an exquisite bow adorned with Swarovski crystals. Each shoe is hand crafted with white or ivory duchesse silk which gives the shoe a luxurious look, and soft leather lining for comfort and structure. Heel measures 3.25". White fabric is dyeable so it can be worn in white, or tinted any color you like

Benjamin Adams/Bridget

Stunning platform sandal with Swarovski encrusted flower inspired straps. Each shoe is hand crafted with white or ivory duchesse silk which gives the shoe a luxurious look, and soft leather lining for comfort and structure. Heel measures 4.25". White fabric is dyeable so it can be worn in white, or tinted any color you like.

Monday, February 22, 2010


While I'm a designer and lover of beautiful veils and veil treatments, top notch hair dressing has my attention too. It shows off you and your dress to the best advantage. The talented hair and makeup artist, Christal Saville has concocted some award winning looks here with her exqusite hairstyling and line of hair jewels for brides on their wedding day. Since brides are wanting hair jewelry added to the 'topping it off''repertoire, she's made available the stick pin hair jewels shown in these images so difficult to find out there. Check out the variations here from pearls to rhinestone, round and star shapes . . . A bride's crown of glory is sometimes her way of pulling the whole look together whether her hair is worn up, down or even with a veil tacked to the back of a bun, back and out of the way.

Real down do glam

Two versions: A sleek Audrey Hepburn bun with stick pin jewels
Above: Christine gave Elle a little bit of veil tacked onto the back of a bun here. She looks so debutante

Below: Holly Golightly lives!
Sweet Light Studios/Robin Bourbonnais