Friday, January 31, 2014


Seriously, I thought we were all through posting winter chic and since I'm always looking ahead today was going to be all about spring.  Then this bright gem came through my box and I just had to share the last days of this gorgeous Vermont Winter with you.  You can't get any better than this styled shoot seen through the lens of the talented  Carla Ten Eyck and her team of inspiring vendors.  The styling here is incredible with the layered look of a chunky sweater and fur paired with the jaunty little fur hat.  Makes me sad winter is almost over . . 

Photographer:  Carla Ten Eyck Photography//Cake Designer: But a Dream Custom Cakes//Invitation Designer: Coral Pheasant//Makeup Artist: d.d.Nickel makeup studio//Floral Designer: Datura: a Modern Garden//Professional: Dave Noonan of Carla Ten Eyck Photography//Dresses: The White Dress by the Shore//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Monday, January 27, 2014


Did you know even before Marie Antoinette, the parasol was considered a necessity in every woman's wardrobe to ward off the sun. By the mid-1800s when they hit their zenith in the Western World, it was at least known then sun prematurely ages skin. A century later we have scientific proof exposure not only ages but can cause melanoma. So our grandmothers had the right idea flaunting beautiful accessories (before sunscreen). And so evolved the parasol; at it's most chic it can be an art form full of intricate treatments and applications just like hats, veils, purses and shoes.
Top Photo via Romantiska Hem
Photo 2 by Bryan John Hendon Photo 3 by Ryan Chua/Parasol from Priscilla's Parasols
Photo 4 by Dior/Photo 5 by  Miranda Laine Photography via Style Me Pretty (Pinterest)
Bottom Photo by Bryan John Hendon

Friday, January 24, 2014


The whole time I was putting this post together, that song by Donovan called, Mellow Yellow was going round and round in my head.  For me, yellow is the symbol for warmth and sunshine and when I was a kid, it was my favorite color.  For a bride who wants to don yellow on her wedding day there are so many options from the palest tones to the most vibrant citrus shades.    And PS, I'm loving anything Daisy added to the yellow palette . . ..
Top Photo: John Galliano for Dior
Photo 2: Bird's Nest Hat via tumblr
Photos 3 and 4: Left-yellow Toque via tumblr/Right-Yellow Pleated Mermaid Dress by Georges Chakra via tumblr
Photo 5: Cage Dress by Alexander McQueen spring 2013 via tumblr
Photos 6 and 7: Left-Flowers via tumblr/Right-yellow Dress on Mannequin via Pinterest
Photo 9 and 10: Left-Dress by Galliano via tumblr
Photo 11: Yellow Organza Dress by Eme di Eme via Wedding Inspirasi
Photo 12: Daisy Hat by Amy-Jo Tatum

Thursday, January 23, 2014


The late sixties/seventies era is known primarily for the wild and off-beat except for a few pockets of elegance here and there  Thanks to a some savvy designers, the funk was fine-tuned into into high fashion.  The era was the most politically charged of the century and invariably spilled over even into haute couture.
The above gown is   out of Vogue UK 1966, a bouffant out of lace and satin by Belinda Belville (Later of Belville-Sassoon fame)
Another Belinda Belville masterpiece.  My sister actually made this gown way back when as a bridesmaid frock.  Though featured in Vogue Pattern Book April/May 1970, the precisely placed buttons, luxe taffeta and use of lace make this gown timeless, wearable in any decade.
What a day for a day dream . . . this is actually a Vogue Pattern for what was dubbed an 'Edwardian' gown. More mainstream to bridal than the above images, it mixes up two eras in one look; the floppy horse hair hat was a hark back to a vintage craze going on that celebrated the life of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchannan.
This design while conservative with a traditional  Alencon lace bodice and satin sash has has 70s bohemian elements in the sleeve and floppy hat
Boho looks of the 60s-70s era had a certain peasant element thanks to the influence of designers like YSL.  Kerchiefs, bonnets and bandannas were introduced into bridal wear for the more informal wedding or brides who wanted to ditch the veil . . .

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TRIP ON OVER . . . ..

Today you'll find me over on Style Me Pretty Blog alongside some fabulous vendors.  This beautifully captured styled shoot was at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum shot by SoCAL photographer, Antonio Crutchley.  I'm especially loving the Boho styling with makeup and hair by Julie Morgan.READ AND SEE MORE . . .

Friday, January 17, 2014


 ...... over on One Wed Blog talking all about some awesome baubles by Tel Aviv designer, Alin Yerushalmi.  Check out the old world charm of these pieces; they'd rock and roll nicely with everything from Gatsby to more modern and minimalist designs.  READ MORE . . . . . 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Today we're saluting the shirtwaist  dress. I haven't seen too many of these since the 1980s but OMG they're simply divine.  Remember Kathleen Turner in Body Heat?  She wore the white one that became iconic.  Cybil Shepard in Taxi Driver wore a memorable version as well (Also white).  The shirtwaist is actually a more relaxed version of the hourglass, a tailored look concentrating as much on the bodice detailing as the skirt. Typically shirtwaists have long shirt-like or billowing sleeves and full gathered skirt. The above version is spot on with the 1950s trends.  Shirtwaists look hot in lightweight fabrics like organza, chiffon and crepe, as well as medium weights like linen. The  version directly below is by Michi Callica and could be adapted to any style wedding from a garden reception to an elegant gala wedding at the Plaza.
  Header Photo: Jill Sander Shirtwaist.
Photo 2: Michi Calica
Photo 3: Temperly Bridal via Wedding Inspirasi
Photo 4: Bhldn
Photos 5 and 6: Recapture Designs//photo by Y Bowyer Photography

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Once upon a time the bridal headband had (read: had) to be attached to a gathered pouf veil.  Thank God these days you can wear a headband with or without veiling.  For me, headbanded brides have that fresh, Ralph Lauren/Eastern Seaboard look perfect when paired up with classic bridal gowns.  Bands range in style from simple, narrow satin ones to those covered in pearls and crystals.  Bands are a great option for hair worn down, not quite shoulder length like a bob.  Here are a few from my own collection pieces worn with and without the veil. 
Top Photo: The Oralie Headband by Amy-Jo Tatum//Photo by Shannon Stellmacher Photography
Photo 2: The Oralie Headband and Cathedral Veil by Amy-Jo Tatum//Photo by Larry Placido Photography
Photo 3: The Nefratiti Headband by Amy-Jo Tatum//Photo by Sweet Light Studios

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The best part of having a blog is getting a chance to post some really great pictures of my clients in their dresses.  Since today we'll be zoning in on the wonders of customized design I wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject.   Customized means my client adores an overall design as it is but wants to finish it off herself by adding something as simple as an under slip, belt, bow, sash--lengthening, shortening and/or all those little details that make it original and unique to her.  I learn so much from my clients--most of all every one of them has improved my work by the way she wears it.  Here are some of my favorite takes
How Elin Wore It
Pictured Below: Elin and Anton were married at Kalmar Castle in Sweden so I knew when I was working on this ivory and lace confection  it was going to have to be storybook perfect.  We changed out the gray sash for one in corresponding chiffon and used a lighter backing for the Chantilly lace.  Those subtle changes were just stunning.
How Shell Wore It
Pictured Below:  Totally tickled pink when I had the opportunity to design Shell's wedding dress knowing the Manhattan Skyline would be backdrop. Shell and Sean both love NY and wanted to find a venue that showcased their love of the city. Shell particularly wanted the vintage vibe of The Mira Dress and added short white gloves as well as a birdcage veil held in place by a plumed flower. 

How Suzi Wore It
 Below: Suzi loved the opaqueness of this bodice and pictured The Marisol Dress would work with the majestic backdrop of Yosemite and her wedding with Ian.  She swapped the self belt out for a navy blue sash and shoes.  Sometimes the simplest changes are the best . . . .
How Joanna Wore It
Below: I love Joannna's version of the Marisol Dress--short, sweet and full worn with a longish tulle veil bordered in lace.  This dress was perfect when she and Dai were married in Aukland in fall.


How Donna Wore It
Below: Donna had so many awesome design ideas I wanted to take her on as an assistant designer so I could pick her brains on a regular basis.  I loved working with her. At first she was shy about asking whether it was okay to change the design around by adding red and purple polka dot peek-a-boo petticoats under embroidered ivory organza.  The red satin belt paired with Vivienne Westwood shoes went perfectly with the Vantetine's Day theme.  Though the April Dress is a gemmie all on it's own, I loved the changes she added . . . .
Photo 1 by Loic Photo
Photos 3,4, 5 and 6: Photos by Erika Gerdemark Photography
Photos 7 and 8 by Donnie Miller Photography
Photos 9, 10, 11 by Patrick Pike
Photos 12 and 13 (photographer unknown)
Photos 15-19 by Loic Photo

All dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum