Monday, February 22, 2021


 I incorporated some of my most fave photos of all time for this post.  After all, anyone who knows me knows garden parties and tea time have to be my number one wedding theme.  Once upon a time when I was a tyke, I thought garden weddings were actually held in gardens amid rose bushes and dark soil.  Once I was old enough to really catch on, the garden weddings I saw were on TV in old movies in black and white. Dated flicks aside, these afternoon socials aka garden parties were big in the 1920s-30s.  Think Jay Gatsby and Katherine Hepburn. Fast forward to my designer years and I see just what you do here: the beauty of green and the vivid colors of florals, vintage fashion and all-around elegance.

The Details: Garden wedding fashion is ripe for any kind of hat, the wider the brim, the more drama.  Gloves and pouf veils are sweet touches--anything that adds romance goes. Florals on gowns and lots of wispy fabrics or lace add to the play.  Tables are set up outdoors and elegant like the ones above.  The  Chippendale chairs and Regency table add that old-time feel.  Heaps of roses, peonies and greenery paired with teacups make a great statement at garden weddings.

Photo 1: The Cabbage rose picture hat-Greystar Pictures/// Photo 2: Dress with floral train--Pixamage///Photo 3: Bride in wide-brimmed hat--Photo Chic//Photos 4 and 5: Table settings--Winter Tree Studios///Photo 6: Bride in fly-away veil--Pixamige///Photo 7: Bride in rose garden--Jim Vetter Photography//Photo 8: Bride in a field of green--Erica Garlieb Photography//Photo 9: Bride holding a tea cup--Jim Vetter Photography///Photo 10: Head pouf--Photo Chic///Photo 11:Table Setting--Alix Art and Photography

Thursday, February 18, 2021


Once upon a time (early to mid-century), bridal portraits were taken about a month prior to the actual wedding day. It was always a solo picture of the bride either in her home or a studio setting and usually published in the local papers post-wedding. These days the bridal ports sync with all the wedding day photos--first look, getting ready, groomsmen, etc.
The above I captured of the photographer shooting the bride in a very special moment just after she was primped and primed, the below was shot by the above photographer Hayden Housini.
Makeup artist and hairstylist, Felicia Chang of Bun Bun Bridal Lab///Dress: Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal Couture

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Fans of vintage fashion love this kind of head chic. Made to order, this small pancake hat with a hand-rolled rose and shot of point d'spirit is a wonderful touch for brides who may not be into veils any longer than this gem here. Most brides tell me they want a hat, fascinator or pouf for the simple reason they are easy to wear.  Veils are high maintenance for sure and need arranging and/or taking off come reception time. Love it? Inquire here--it's a custom order.

Monday, February 15, 2021


 I begin every post on elopements with the explanation elopements once upon a time could be a little bit to very taboo affairs.  Running off to tie the knot usually meant you had to do it in secrecy. It still means the two of you slipping away, or getting away, only now there's no stigma.  Some couples think of it as a celebration of intimacy--all the trimmings of a wedding just for you.  Especially appropriate now because of the pandemic, here is your inspo for a spring getaway in the countryside.  The bright, vivid pastels of pinks and yellows infused with white and greens say, the dawning of a new season is upon us--the beginning of our journey.  

The Details: Mason jars hold a mix of cherished classics, lemons, and mix of wildflowers looking like the kids just picked them out of the fields. 
The Dress: Boho 1950s blended with the romantic charm of Chantilly lace and yards of white tulle. The groom is in a classic summer light blue ideal for Spring.  The best hint I can give on what to wear is keeping everything simple and above all comfortable.  
Florals and Decor: Holly Sanneman

Friday, February 12, 2021


 Gowns with multiple skirts called tiers are incredibly romantic. The tiers on this one fall asymmetrically and are bordered lace that fall into a sweep train in back. Add an all over Chantilly lace bodice into the design and you have the perfect Boho bridal look.  This white tulle gown was named after the beautiful Angelique who is wearing it. You can see more photos of this jewel on Etsy.  

Gowns and Headpieces: Amy-Jo Tatum
Makeup and Hair: Julie Morgan
Flowers: Bride Chic

Thursday, February 11, 2021


It’s still cold out so I thought I might put out some heavier fabrics that conduct warmth but have that look toward Spring.  Reminiscent of Christian Dior and the era he ushered in, this is an embossed faille made into a full skirt with a bustier. and a separate portrait collar piece.  The head chic is for me what ties this gem together: the three hand-rolled silk dupioni florals adorning a bun.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


 Here's some drama!  A shot of Brooke looking every bit lovely in the ivory cathedral veil.  Because this veil has so much length and character, we paired it up with a simpler silhouette.  Surprisingly, it will work with more ornate gowns and come off looking spectacular!  Read more about long veils here

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


 This is a salute to Spring and sort of DIY project I created to inspire boho brides and their florists.  To get this waif-in-the-woods look once the makeup and hair folks did their magic on lovely Hana, I wove in real and silk foliage combinations all over the gown and headpiece.  READ MORE . . .

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 Here we go with a rich blend of past and present chic from the collections. Some of it I have to admit is timeless in trendiness–10 years later a few of these gems are still being ordered and customized. The hourglass/1950s silhouette continues to be a big fave with my clients and maybe the reason they come to me in particular. But the clingy gowns that hark back to the 1920/30s have to be my biggest and most personal inspo this past year. Right now I’m starting a capsule collection of Titanic/Downton Abbey period dresses. My direction will probably change yet again next season when I see some lovely costume drama with incredible applications on silks.