Friday, March 31, 2017


Defined, the empire waist was dubbed by and after Napoleon marking a reign in history when women wore high waistlines, evocative of those classical Grecian gowns. Incidentally, the great conqueror found Grecian anything incredibly beautiful and sexy.
An empire waist can be joined to either a loose or more fitted skirt. Empires are extremely flattering on certain figure types and can camouflage a myriad of figure woes. Figure woes or no, if you just happen to love the Regency style costumes found in movies like War and Peace and Emma consider the empire waist is all yours for no reason other than you love it. . . .

 All dresses and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum

Photo 1: The EVA Dress//Photo by Sweet Light Studios
Photo 2: The COSETTE Dress
Photo 3: The SYLVIA Dress//Photo by Smoot Photography
Photo 4: The JAYNE Dress//Photo by John T Photography

Thursday, March 30, 2017


 As you can see by these images, there's more than one way to sport a pill box hat on your wedding day.Today's post is for  all you fashionistas looking for a chi chi alternative or even addition to the veil.  Sophisticated bridal dressing like this gives you the opportunity really 'Vogue' it up and wear those gloves, carry a tiny satin clutch or sport that pill box hat with a wisp of veiling. Speaking of pill boxes, these  make a  great stand-in if you're looking to either charge up or change out the traditional veil.   A pill box comes in varied shades and textures from satin to fur.  Round and brimless, this hat is worn either centered, tilted or back on the head.  Though this style was introduced in the 1930s, Jackie Kennedy revived the look.   Generally the pill box looks best with suits and fitted sheath designs; super with most other silhouettes even bell shapes. 

All Pill Box Hats by Amy-Jo Tatum
Header Photo: Strotz Photography
Photos 4 and 5: Henley Photography

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


One of my all time favorite styles has to be Boho--a look mixing it up with the bohemian, peasant and flower child craze of the 60s.  What makes this look so popular now?  For starters it breaks traditional bridal code while staying within the true romantic form that a wedding symbolizes and celebrates.  The look is lacy with gowns in soft, transparent fabrics that can be topped off with head wreaths of flowers, ivy and dried foliage.  Long flowing hair is signature with this look.  Here are my top looks capturing Boho's gift for combining the earthy and ethereal all at once. 

                                                                                            Dresses by Amy Jo Tatum
                                                                                         Photography by Samantha Brancato
                                                                                                Make up by Prettyologie
                                                                                                 Hair by Pins and Curls


I'm happy to report the MUSETTA Dress looks as great at a beach wedding as it does in the woods and vineyards. Part of the allure of this piece is it is so incredibly Boho and Boho is a trend that's set fire in the bridal arena the past few years. The waifish look is created with a mix of Chantilly laces on the bodice, The full skirt is gathered silk chiffon lined in crepe backed satin.accented with an embroidered gold belt. As you can see here it is perfect for the wedding at the shore . . . .
Photos by Ryan Chua

Monday, March 20, 2017


Defined it's a stiff, crisp, lightweight cross-rib weave. Taffeta can have either a slight luster or muted finish. It can be shaped, adding volume without bulk and weight, making it an ideal choice for A-lines and ball gowns. Nice in a sheath silhouette providing it has some kind train preferably of the same fabric with some degree of fullness.The taffeta bridal gown has to be one of the greatest traditions and still one of the most widely used fabrics for bridal wear. If you've already been doing the salon hop you know its also trendy for bridesmaids and flower girls.  There's no mistaking taffeta:  It has that rustling and screeching sound when it moves and a polished, shiny look and feel.  It's been used for centuries mostly in special occasion wear and is known for its opulent luster.  Trendy once more mostly for full-skirted silhouettes, taffeta is the perfect option if you're wanting to add some elegance and romanticism mixed in with that good old tradition on your wedding day . . . .

All dresses by Amy Jo Tatum/Above photo by Lirette Photography

Thursday, March 16, 2017


I want to pump a great dress for a spring wedding.  If you love Boho and a bias cut skirt, the ODETTE Dress is for you.  An asymmetrical neckline in white shirred tulle over Chantilly lace, the bodice has a full gathered skirt in tulle. Underskirt is on the bias. Covered shantung buttons all the way down the back of the bodice. Handmade silk roses decorate the shoulder. Layers and layer yet a real light and airy gem . . . .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Okay, I might be a tad bit early here with daisies but if you're perchance planning a summer wedding I promise they will inspire.  And, daisies might just get you thinking about a Summer of Love or Field of Daises theme.  For me  Daisies evoke youth, sunlight and whimsy.  The daisy was prominent in 1960s fashion and became one of the the symbols of peace and love . . .


Photo 1: Sizal Hat by Amy Jo Tatum
Photo 2: Straw Hat with dasies by Amy Jo Tatum
Photos 3 and 4: via Pinterest///via Heavenly Blooms
Photo 5: The Marilyn Dress by Amy Jo Tatum//Photo by ejones photography 
Photo 6: Photo of Lindsay Wagner from Scruples with daisy bouquet
Photo 7: The Madelyn Dress by Amy Jo Tatum
Photo 8: via Pinterest
Photo 9: via Jackies Flowers
Photo 10: The Tatayna Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum//Photo by Dominic Colacchio Photography
Photo 11: The Polly Dress by Amy Jo Tatum///Photo by Samantha Brancato Photography

Monday, March 13, 2017


The plume. It proffers a touch of the sophisticate as well as pure whimsy. Plumes are hot right now with the revival of Gatsby styles a few years back and our love affair with Downton Abbey.   While they go with pretty much anything formal, try a plume or a few of them if you're going with more of an evening gown look.

 Top Photos 1-5: Plume headpieces  by Batcakes Couture///Photos by Stephanie Williams Photography
Photos 6-9: Plume headpieces by Amy Jo Tatum///Photos by Sweetlight Studios
Photos 10-11: Velvet and plume headpiece by Amy Jo Tatum///Photos by Henley Photo

Thursday, March 9, 2017


 Etsy is that wonderful site out there for featuring some of the best artisians in the world.  Swoon today over these dresses and hand-picked bridal accessories ( and some decor thrown in for good measure) for a look that's totally one of a kind . . .
Photo 1 Kimonos by J Kraft Plus
Photos 2 and 3:Gray Floral Hair Clip via  Fancy Girl Boutique NYC//// Bridal Sash via A Goddess Divine
Photo 4: The Nigella Dress by Amy Jo Tatum
Photos 5,6 and 7 (clockwise): Mauve Ribbon Sash via White Bridal Boutique///Gray Flower Girl Dress by Sweetiekins Boutique///Paper Flowers via Bella Lunas Flowers
Photo 8: Pearls via Oshiny
Photos 9 and 10: Pom Poms via Party Paper Supply///Bridesmaids Brunch Invitations via NVite CP
Photo 11: Bridal Sash via A Goddess Divine

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Brides who wear these one-off gems are pretty unique searching online for something  different, playful, daring, sweet and sexy all at once.  You'll be surprised to find salvage chic surprisingly affordable.  The fabrics and trims have been rescued and any additions are usually inexpensive.  Construction is more free than say a couture dress that requires hours of painstaking detail in the finest materials.  Raw edges, as well as an overall tattered appearance are not only acceptable on upcycled garments but sometimes an integral part of the design.  As one designer put it, "We embrace the tattered and disheveled quality of vintage materials and try to imbue each garment with the spirit of using what is already out in the world. If you're cool with unfinished, raw edges, asymmetry, and wearing fabrics that possess a unique history, then we're cool with you! We fit best with Shabby-Chic, Undone Romantic, Outdoor, Whimsical, Country, Avant Garde wedding and everyday aesthetics. 
The corset above and directly below was salvaged from a long line lace bra with crocheted lace added.  Ditto the laces on the dress below--skirts from a rescued slip are layered asymmetrically . . . . .

Dresses by AmyJoTatum