Monday, October 31, 2011


Henley Photography
Every Halloween I pull this deuzey of a photo out of storage and post it.  My 'Eva' gown above got an eerie twist a few years back when we topped off a relatively tame bridal shoot by adding this pink wig (in place of a veil) as well as gloves and, voila! our Goth bride was created.   Actually, this would be a great Halloween wedding idea for the bride who actually is into Goth . . .of course not everyone embraces this idea which makes it all the more original . . .

Photo: Henley Photography
Hair: Kathi Rothkop
Makeup: Rob Ward

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey all!  This is my day to talk fashion over on Savvy Scoop Blog.  Today's topic: Soft sculpted chic.  Minimalist brides will love today's post.  In the spirit of legendary Cristobal Balenciaga, these gowns remind me of contemporary versions of those worn by fashion icons Jackie, Audrey and Grace.  Read on to find more inspiration . . . .  

Thursday, October 27, 2011


 Some brides are moving into and combining two very important transitions in life, wife and mother all at once. If perchance you are or will be a bride expecting, brace yourself--there are some absolutely gorgeous gowns out there. You'll be impressed to find slick, editorials like these of Mom-to-Be /Brides holding full, rounded tummies. Designers are finally heeding the call for trendy bridal gowns ranging from the most traditional to total ‘edge’.

Maternity dresses are designed with a growing tummy in mind and are cut several inches longer in front.  That means all those great little empires and tents coming off the runway lately won't really work unless you'll be less than five months along in your pregnancy.  

 Catherine Alhinc

 Along with the designers pictured here is a list of others who offer maternity in their collections

Sarah Houston-Maternity bridal and bridesmaid
Maternity Bride-Maternity bridal and couture maternity
Bridal Bumps-UK company with maternity division for bride and bridesmaid

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For all you brides on a budget I'm still selling some of the photographic samples. So I know you're asking, 'What the heck is a photographic sample?'  It is a mock up made up just for the photo shoot in materials close to but not yet ready for prime time such as the almost priceless silks in which they are custom ordered by clients. It can also be the original and yummy silk dress I make that is two or three seasons old. In any case your sample will be one-of-a-kind and handmade, have couture techniques like hand-picked zipper and hand-tacked linings no machinery can emulate. Before I sell these gems rest assured they do go through proper refurbishing and cleaning. Fabric samples on request.
 Today's gem is from last season whipped up in an eggshell wool crepe.  Would you wear wool on your wedding day? In summer? 'Priscilla' is the first wool crepe gown to make it into one of my collections. Whenever we think wool, winter wardrobes usually come to mind. Light weight wool crepes and jerseys are actually great fabrics thru spring and summer as long as the silhouettes lend themselves well to drapey fabrics and bare arms and back. And don’t worry, wool breathes well as long as it’s lined in lightweight fabrics like China silk.

Third right photo by Aura O'Brien

Monday, October 24, 2011


Stephanie Allin is one of the most original designers today who creates sweet, detailed wearable gowns brides swoon over.  Just the right touch of contemporary, she hints toward at vintage through added details in back treatments, headpieces and her use of lace boleros and overlays . . . These gems are from her, A Fine Romance Collection, gowns I find evocative of 1940s screen sirens meets Flower Child/Waif/ Boho . . .
Photos courtesy Brides UK

Friday, October 21, 2011


Today was the day the Decades editorial was supposed to happen but folks, really, I worked on it all night last night and the night before and it's still like Shubert's Unfinished Symphony--beautiful but still lacking a finale. So I leave you over the weekend with a small preview of a coming attraction I hope will be out sometime next week. Enjoy . . .

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Wisps of netting, poufs of tulle and fascinating fascinators are just a few of your options for outside the box head chic on your wedding day.  Neither hats nor veils but maybe a little of both, I designed these for brides who want some sort of pouf or veiling while embracing her inner haute chic . . .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't like faux fur despite it's being totally PC and hot right now. Most of what's out there reminds me of fake mink stoles for kids found in those 1950s-60s 'dress up' kits. And while none of us like to think about animals getting killed and/or endangered, there's nothing like wearing real fur in a cold climate. The happy medium is of course you can wear all the fur and feathers you want as long as no animal was bumped off. So what furs are authentic, chic and safe to wear? Hot right now is Tibetan Lamb, Moulton Lamb, goat (Angora). Did you know lambs and goats need to be sheared every six months? (read: sheared not killed) Angora goats for instance need to be sheared early spring and fall. Notice I say need here. Early shearing will keep them cool and comfortable in summer and the fall shearing has to be early enough so they can grow that lovely fur out just right to keep warm come winter . . .

 Feathers are another option for winterizing yourself. Marabou and ostrich have long been associated with chic and warmth. These delectable winter treats by Sasso are a bit jazzy if not retro but might be just the look you've been wanting . . .


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 Long veils convey a romantic mood via all that added gossamer sheer.  . . . . .Brides who  go traditional sporting the full regalia of a classic bride typically love those long, flowing veils. So what you ask is considered a long veil? Let's start at the ‘finger tip’ length and work all the way down to the twenty-fiv Le foot cathedral.veil.

Long Veil Lengths
Fingertip-Most popular length; can be worn by nearly every figure type with most silhouettes.

           Waltz-Falls anywhere between knee and ankle.
          Chapel-Considered formal. Extends about a two feet beyond the hemline.
          Cathedral-Most formal. Extends three feet or more beyond the hem.
          Double Tier-Two layers, typically the shorter one a blusher but not always.  
Long Veil Styles
Pouf-Pictured directly below, width of veil is gathered at the crown and can be attached to a headpiece. Generally made out of tulle or English netting.
Dropped-Second picture below. This veil is actually dropped onto the head in a single layer of tulle or lace; often bordered with lace or ribbon. The Mantilla is a type of dropped veil.

All veils and gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride
Top  photo by S1 Studio.  White Chantilly lace mantilla
                                3rd photos by Stellar Q Danielo: Ivory tulle cathedral length veil
                        Last four photos by Piximage: Ivory fingertip veil//White two layered waltz veil outlined in ribbon// ivory  Chantilly lace mantilla//Single layer cathedral legnth veil dappled in Chantilly lace appliques

Monday, October 17, 2011


Because each wedding is different and a one of a kind affair, you may just be one of the brides considering going beyond traditional white.  If you are count your blessings to be living in an era when many designers offer colors in their bridal lines.  From pastels and soft colors to printed and bright jewel tones, technicolor gowns are definitely worth checking out.  Below are a few of my faves.

 Images courtesy Brides UK