Friday, July 31, 2015


Summer is the time for brides who like designer cottons to really get into them.  The DAISY Dress featured in today's Chic of the Week is all about summer dressing. Very vintage, this optical white A-line eyelet lined in lightweight cotton is on sale right now as a sample. 

 With a wide Sabrina neckline, the bodice is a low-waisted overlay. Neckline and torso edged in beaded Venise lace.  Separate crinoline petticoat of nylon and cotton. Pearl button closure down the back.  I have created a vintage Dior look here with accessories.  Make this dress your own with a floral head wreath or baby's breath.  Add a sash for some drama. And here's a heads up on this dress: this particular sample looks best on a C cup or larger because of the way we cut it.  
 Photos copyright by Bride Chic

Thursday, July 30, 2015


I really fell head over heels in love with this wedding at The China Cabin in Tiburon, California by Andrea Weddings.  Near and dear to my heart are those features extolling the virtues of from whence I hail.  Tiburon just happens to be right down the road from me and a breathtakingly magnificent place right on the San Francisco Bay, one of the most romantic places I can think of for tying the knot.  Here is the low down from Portland-based photographer, Andrea herself on what went into making Joy and Brad's magical day on the bay, "What an absolute pleasure it was to photograph the beautiful wedding of Brad and Joy.  Their venue was overlooking the San Francisco Bay.  Gorgeous views of the Bay and Bay Bridge and spectacular sunset made for the perfect location.  The China Cabin where cocktail hour, the ceremony and the party took place is small and quaint but an absolutely stunning, single room building where 22-karat gold glitters in all directions.  It was once the saloon of the PS China offering a glimpse into first class passenger style for the ship as it set sail from San Francisco.  It now hosts weddings such as this.  Th couple continued with some eco-friendly and personal touches--catering with local sustainable food, bringing their favorite desserts with them from NYC where they are based, and of course, the bride arrived in style in a Prius.  I'll let you take a look at the rest yourself!"

Photographer:  Andrea Weddings//Caterer: Piazza D’Angelo//Caterer:BEP Restaurant//Makeup Artist: Blades Natural Beauty//Favors and Gifts:Etsy//Floral Designer:Flora Bella Florist//Officiant:Heartsong Weddings//Jewelry: Ken and Dana Designs//Event Planner:Larry Lawrence Bar//Calligrapher:Mink Cards//Invitation Designer:Rolling Press//Cake Designer: Tartine//Hair Stylist:The Pretty Pretty Collective//Dress Store:The Wedding Dresser//Event Venue:China Cabin//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


  Suppose your wedding is next month and you need that gown now? Or suppose you love the sample but it’s just been discontinued? Or else you love the sample but can’t afford to special order it? You do realize next season a whole new stock will be arriving? This means your salon will have to get the old out of the way. And all those gowns with full skirts just hanging there take up space, or haven’t you noticed? While sizes are limited and samples mostly run sizes 6-8-10, the good news is, sample markdowns usually go half off, sometimes less. Some salons have sample sales they advertise a couple times a year while others offer marked down stock continually.
 Absolutely love that gown you just tried on? Offer to buy it. Yes, that same gown. Ordinarily samples are not for sale but this may be the time they’re moving in all those spring confections and need to move out that gown you want, especially if it is in less than perfect shape, which, more than a few samples tend to be. Now, a word about wear and tear: Before you start bargaining, check out how much or how little that soon-to-be-yours gown has been tried on by others. This means really looking at it inside as well as out. Is it ripped, stained, the hem soiled and need cleaning? The overall condition of most samples has a lot to do with how the salon takes care of their stock. Still, figure on dry cleaning whether the gown looks like it needs it or not. After a good clean and press it will seem revived both inside and out and take on a new life of its own.
So the question is, who pays the cleaning bill? In some cases, the more service oriented the establishment, the more accommodating they’ll be. As for alterations, you might save them for when you have your gown customized. If you are customizing, any nipping in of the waist or shortening of the hemline might have to wait anyway.
Last Photo: Strotz Photography
All gowns and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Brides who love the idea of  going unveiled can opt to go all out romantic by topping off with a band interwoven with fresh flowers, foliage and in some cases ribbons.  Florists can put these together either with fresh, artificial, or dried flowers.  I wore a wreath of dried flowers on my wedding day with a swirl of tulle veil.  The look is incredibly romantic.  Below is a medley of some of my own  faves that I hope can inspire you along in creating your bridal look. . . . 
                                                       Alexandra Wallace of AW Photography via Bride Chic
                                                                      Creatrix Photography via Bride Chic