Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Kayla is a wedding photographer, and an amazing hit on Instagram. Here's some back story: Kayla and her husband Tyler never had an actual "wedding" which meant no amazing photos. When Kayla's friend and wedding shooter, Jordon Birch decided to open a wedding venue, on her own real life farm fixer upper, she knew the perfect "past bride" to which to present this opportunity. Kayla wore an amazing rose gown, and her groom was extra dapper in an all black ensemble..Several vendor friends worked together to pull off the ultimate "days after" shoot for these two extra deserving people, and of course, it didn't hurt that The Burch House, now had some amazing images to launch their brand new wedding venue. 


Photographer:  THE BURCH HOUSE + JORDAN BURCH PHOTOGRAPHY//Makeup Artist:Beauty Mark by Abigail//Cake Designer: Emerald Coast Custom Cakes//Floral Designer: Herrington's the Florist//Design and Decor:Hillary Herrington//Professional: Moriah Sutton//Dress Store: The Bridal Loft//Event Venue: The Burch House//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Monday, November 28, 2016


Over the years I've done some of my best work creating designs for tiny people, or to be more precise, flower girls.  Some are now married themselves which gives you an idea how long I've been at it!  Hopefully these images will give you inspiration on everything from dress to florals . . . .Either making the trek down the aisle or weaving in and out of festivities, kids add a bright and energetic tone to any wedding. In Europe, kids make up the wedding party almost entirely. Remember Lady Diana's wedding to Prince Charles in 1981? Her eldest attendant was a junior bridesmaid. The rest were taffeta-clad flower girls and pages dressed in the traditional costume of the English Court. Whatever theme or direction your wedding takes, children's fashion usually echoes that of the wedding party.  These images above and below are from my own wedding that sported a Scottish Highland theme
 Above: Not young enough to be a flower girl; not quite old enough to play bridesmaid, so how do you dress her? Actually junior bridesmaids have been gracing European weddings for centuries where the bridal party is made up primarily of children ranging in age from about four to sixteen. So how does a girl between 8 and 16 dress? By fourteen she can probably go with or a least echo the adult bridesmaids
 Above: Sierra was a flower girl at my wedding but served as a great model for the sample dresses I turned out once upon a time.  She just gave birth to her own baby who just happens to be my grand-nephew . . . .
Above: My client's daughter as flower girl--how cute is she?

All dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photos 1-4 by Hope Stewart
Photos 5,6,7 by Bride Chic
Photos 8 and 9 by Amy Perl Photography

Thursday, November 24, 2016


This is for all you brides out there past and present wishing you and yours an inspiring holiday . . . . .

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Very excited to announce some of the Bride Chic Look Books are up on Issuu.  These are digital magazines of all the Bride Chic styled shoots year by year that we've done in collaboration with all those gifted and talented wedding pros out there.  Please enjoy these chic little books that carry so much fashion and wedding inspiration . . . .
Photo directly above by Vetter Photography

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


 When I was a teen way back in the 1970s there was a tiny, hole-in-the-wall boutique in town called, Andromeda.  It featured what we now call Boho or hippie dresses made out of velvets and lace.  I never forgot the waif looks this little shop produced via a Featherweight Singer sewing machine in the back.  I christened this dress, ANDROMEDA because it so captures the spirit of those dresses I fell in love with way back when.  More closely, inspiration for this dress came from envisioning delicate lace on a V-Neckline opening up beautiful decolletage. Also running around in my head was a whisper of lace underneath a semi-full skirt of tulle fanning out in a generous train. Created in Chantilly lace and blush tulle, this dress was designed for the bride zeroing in on a hopelessly romantic look sans all the volume and petticoats. For ordering info The ANDROMEDA Dress 

Monday, November 21, 2016


Every few months I make it a point to do a  feature on everything you need to know and then some about dressing your groom.  Okay, so not just dressing him--accessorizing and bringing him out in the best light. Today we're not gonna do the whole tutorial,  just chill with that little inspiration the boys bring to the big picture. Because I spend so much time custom making gowns for brides scrutinizing every last detail, a trip to Men's Wearhouse never ceases to amaze me.  Men are just so efficient about getting the cut of their jib right. Shopping for their dream tux with droves of groomsmen in tow and topping off at the bar afterward doesn't seem to be on the guy agenda.  This is my salute to all the boys out there who can get in and out of the tux shop in ten minutes flat and still manage to come out looking dapper . . . .
 Going full fig formal means white tie and tails.  Real bride and groom Natalie and Dave celebrated their wedding anniversary posing for this shoot, recreating their wedding day in all the more ways they couldn't on their wedding day.  Love this most formal of all ensembles from Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand //Photo by  Dominic Colacchio Photography via Big City Chic

What bride could resist her guy going Don Draperesque?  Love this pic by the one and only Chyna Darner via Bride Chic
  A blue suit used to mean the less formal affair.  No more.  The ease of a beautifully cut blue suit makes it versatile and ideal for almost any wedding ceremony//Photos y Jim Vetter Photography via Bride Chic 
Country casual--what could be more flattering for the vineyard wedding we featured by photographer Zlata Modeen via Bride Chic?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Loving all those brown weddings I'm seeing more and more of.  Brown wedding schemes usually have some element that's rustic in them.  That's part of what makes the overall look so incredible once it's all put together is the art of mixing distressed with elegance.  If you're having thoughts of seating your guests in a barn with raw walls and floors think about hanging crystal from the ceiling and putting candelabras on the tables. 

Photo 1: Brown tulle dress via Jazzabelle's Diary
Photos 2 and 3: Brown gift candles via Favor Ideas //Brown Bouquet via eBay
Photo 4: The Venice Lace Corset by Amy-Jo Tatum 
Photo 5: Brown orchids via Chic Vintage Brides
Photo 6: Brown tulle dress via Pinterest
Photo 7: Brown and gold glass bouquet via Green Wedding Shoes
Photo 8: Beige headpiece via Pinterest
Photos 9 and 10: Brown bow via Green Trader // Boutonniere via Green Weding Shoes
Photo 11: Barn event design by Joy de Vivre//Photo by Mark Brooke via Style Me Pretty
Photos 12 and 13: Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings// Bon Bons via Pinterest
Photo 14: Burlap wreath via etsy
Photo 15: The HARMONY Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum 
Photos 16 and 17: Invitations via  Style Me Pretty//The CHARLOTTE Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum