Wednesday, October 29, 2014


That post title is from Miss Mary Mack, a patty-cake style hand game for girls I must have taken to heart once I grew up and started designing.  Miss Mary sports tiny (or sliver) buttons all down her back.  That row of buttons down the back have always been one of my trademarks and lately more designers are incorporating them as closure features.   They really add so much character and individuality to a wedding dress.  I have to say, this is one beautifully added detail that says, one-of-a-kind up and down. . . .

Header Photo by Jim Vetter Photography
All dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The taffeta bridal gown has to be one of the greatest traditions and still one of the most widely used fabrics for bridal wear. If you've already been doing the salon hop you know its also trendy for bridesmaids and flower girls.  There's no mistaking taffeta:  It has that rustling and screeching sound when it moves and a polished, shiny look and feel.  It's been used for centuries mostly in special occasion wear and is known for its opulent luster.  Trendy once more mostly for full-skirted silhouettes, taffeta is the perfect option if you're wanting to add some elegance and romanticism mixed in with that good old tradition on your wedding day . . . .
 The Tiffany Dress is a simple silhouette and cut made out of a lightweight silk taffeta//Photo by Strotz Photography
 Hail to the sheath!  This taffeta body hugging style has a detachable train decorated with an embroidered taffeta sash handrolled silk roses and live ivy //Photo by Strotz Photography
Above and Below:  The Opal Dress.  Strapless taffeta ball gown with an embroidered taffeta sash on the train//Photos by Strotz Photography
 Below: The Polly Dress is short and sassy in a lightweight taffeta with a black net and tulle underskirt//Photo by Samantha Smith Photography
All Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum

Monday, October 27, 2014


 Count the mornings you drop in here and we're all about the wedding from the bride's perspective. Today is all about the guys. Lately I'm stoked when I see less restriction in men's wedding wear and more comfort as well as character added into the mix.. Let me add the guys do a pretty good job of showing up and looking beautiful considering they don't spend hours shopping in groups with their groomsmen. Nor do they contemplate days before saying 'Yes' to the tux (or ensemble).. True though, most modern gents are shopping alongside their fiance, getting into the whole palette of colors and sharing in the overall wedding experience. Below you'll find a few of my favorite grooms sporting their own kind of chic from various shoots . . . .

First 2 photos by Chyna Darner Photography
Bride and groom walking photo by Claudia McDade Photography
Bride and groom in the orange grove by Stephanie Williams Photography
Blonde groom photos by Zlata Modeen Photography

Friday, October 24, 2014


If you want to catch up with me today I'm over on One Wed Blog talking all about the adorableness and cuteness of flower girls.  Face it, the little girl wedding is a heart-warmer and over  there you'll find a curated handful of photos by some of the best photographers in the wedding industry.  Above and below are a couple samples.  READ MORE . . . .
via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Thursday, October 23, 2014


We have another gem to share from the very talented Georgia photographer, Brandy Angel.   I've come to love her style-- how she captures a kind white light beauty through her lens.  This study of images has a romantic as well as rustic feel.  The bride and her family surprisingly handled all the decorations themselves. How's that for inspiration!  Brandy managed to get a few words from the bride about this incredible wedding::" This is the story of A perfect fall wedding. There were no vendors, except myself.. The family did everything together.
"Our love story began at LaGrange College. I saw a tall, handsome boy walk into the room at a party and was instantly interested. After eavesdropping I learned that he had a sophisticated charm that interested me even more. Unfortunately, we were both in serious relationships at the time and Brian was told by his girlfriend to stay away from me because she could tell that our attraction was mutual. Five years later I made the decision to move south of Atlanta to a community that was more suitable for the lifestyle that I wanted to live. My girlfriends and I decided to go out to eat, catch up, and listen to music. Right away I spotted Brian with some of his friends so I started plotting how I could “accidentally” bump into him and make conversation. Plus he reminded me of Ryan Philippe from Cruel Intentions which I love. My friends and I followed him and his friends most of the night and until the opportunity opened and we had a wonderful, deep conversation. We caught up on everything that had happened since we last saw each other and learned about all the things that we had in common. Brian tried to give me his phone number but, having been raised in the south, I told him that I don’t call boys. He asked me for my number and called later that night to setup our first date. We went to a small pizza place near my apartment and had a wonderful evening. After our first date he had won me over realistic, witty charm and I knew then that I could spend the rest of my life with him. After about a year and a half Brian told me that we were going to dinner in Atlanta on a Thursday night. As it turns out he had gone to a jewelry store 2 weeks earlier and picked out 5 engagement rings that he thought that I would like. When the elevator doors opened I saw the jewelry store and then knew what he was up to. I fell in love with one of the rings that he had chosen and no matter how much I tried to take the ring home that night I had to wait a week for the stone to be set. That was the longest week of my life. When we started planning our wedding I wanted to be surrounded with all the love I had grown up with so we decided to get married on my family farm. All the decorations were made by our friends and family. My 90 year old grandmother, Mildred, made the flower center pieces by heating plastic spoons into flower petals. Over 10 months she made more than 150 flowers in different colors to match our autumn wedding. My aunt and uncle handcrafted the wooden candle holders and the cake stand. Brian’s mother made the hanging candles from mason jars and river rock. My goal was to pay tribute to the wonderful childhood I had on that farm and to share the enchanted place with Brian and our family and friends. We were so blessed to have such a large group of people that had such a wide variety of talents that were willing to help us with our special day. Our wedding was a so beautiful because it was put together and executed with love and it turned out being everything that Brian and I had hoped for. After planning it out in my head since I was a little girl I finally got to marry my husband under the oak tree that I had played under as a child."


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Whether you're wearing crocheted shorties or long, opera length beauties —gloves are glam and can really add some spark to your bridal look. If you're getting married this time of year when the chill is on, long gloves help warm up hands and arms. You can go with the classic white and ivory or jazz up your look with any length, color, texture, even pattern. Just like some brides are showing some pizazz wearing different color shoes with their gown, glove color is an option you have as well. Experiment, then go right ahead and be as adventuresome as you want!
Above and Below:Add some drama to a bouffant dress with white opera length gloves.  Dress, net pouf  and gloves by Amy-Jo Tatum//From the Ceremony Magazine Shoot via Bride Chic//Photo Strotz Photography ///Below photo by Studio 7teen 
Shorties can be dainty and sweet as well as lending a  more cosmopolitan look--great for the city hall bride///Double photo below by Stephanie Williams Photography
Mid-arm gloves add a vintage chic look to this tulle dress.
Black Isotoners and a horsehair fascinator add some edge to this white taffeta bouffant gown 

Want to delve into more glove inspiration?  Pinterest is full of boards devoted to gloves long and short as well as a whole slew of other accessories.  Here's the link

All gloves, dresses and headpieces available via Amy-Jo Tatum

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Today's styled shoot is all about thinking outside the box for a fall wedding.  Whether you're planing your big day next month or next year these images are jam-packed with inspiration!  Thanks to North Carolina based photographer, Catrina of Catrina Earls Photography--she shows here how you can work in those soft pastels and still have a beautiful autumn wedding.  Says, Catrina, "As an artist, I truly believe in thinking outside the norm. Incorporate your traditional fall colors but add that soft, romantic feminine touch.
Alll the vendors involved wanted to create a shoot that captured the essence of summer turning to fall in a vineyard setting while still keeping that soft romantic feel. Kristen Henderson came up with the idea of pulling in the deep purple and the green backdrop of the vineyard as the "fall colors"; I really wanted to have soft pastel and blush florals. I don't think all fall weddings need to have deep dark florals when it is a magical day; most brides like to feel a little girly. As an art major, you learn you can  break the rules when it comes to creating art. All of the vendors worked so well together to create this magical shoot.  Leighanne Bumgardner, my coworker helped create some of the details, like the table number (she mad that completely on her own - extremely talented) and the keys to success. I created the stick hanger to hang the dress from to continue with that rustic feel and Kristen lent us her window that she created a seating chart on to tie in some more of the elegance of handwritten calligraphy. Dustin brought in some extra props like the chairs and the wicker pumpkins to add a little more "fall" to the shoot. Kim from Rocky River supplied us with the barrels and the beautiful old door to set up the table. They are available for brides to use at their actual wedding. The couple was celebrating their one year wedding anniversary and I asked them if they would be interested in participating in a styled shoot - what better way to celebrate your first year of marriage then getting to dress up again and feel that magic of your big day once more? They were fantastic and really helped me create a photojournalistic journey of their continued, thriving love and passion for one another with the detailed shoot . . . ."

Photographer:  Catrina Earls Photography//Dress Store: J. Major's//Calligrapher:Kristen Henderson Calligraphy//Floral Designer:Red Bridge Florals//Reception Venue: Rocky River Vineyards//Cake Designer: Skys the Limit! Custom Cake &More//Submitted via Two Bright Lights