Saturday, July 26, 2008


All images by Bill Smoot Photo

I visited Bill Smoot yesterday at his Berkley Hills studio. We're planning an editorial for Bride Chic and I had the luck of getting an up close and personal look at his work and techniques.

This is a montage of several weddings actually. From the time I first saw Bill's work, I was impressed with his use of light and composition. I've reviewed the work of many photographers.
Bill's photographs are unique in the sense they reflect not only mastery of technique but his philosophy of aesthetics.

Here is part of Bill's philosophy in his own words: "My aesthetic is old-fashioned. I strive for beauty. I try to appeal through the eye of the soul. I use light and tone, balance, tension, harmony, presence, totality, measure--the ingredients of aesthetic form. But I want form to serve content, not replace or undermine it. I do not want to separate light from the water on which it falls, shadow from the arm which cast it."

You can see more images on Bill's website

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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pictures. If you go to this photographer's site there are tons more to browse. I just love the kid pictures.

Brianna French