Ever notice how designers add all these wowzer elements to make the back of a wedding gown pop? All you have to do is look at your body from all angles to see one of the most dramatic views will be your back. You’ll be showing it off once you pass down the aisle and the whole time you take vows. My bride above opted for a row of hook and eye closures instead of the classic row of buttons down the back. Now how cool is that?

Photo by Ron Greystar/All Rights Reserved

The deep V back pictured above is a classic back treatment. It'll be easier if you think of your back in components that make up a total picture of you. There’s the veil, back bodice, skirt and train. Choosing the right veil depends on the length of the gown and maybe the interest of the back bodice. You may opt for a shorter veil or no veil if there are some details you want to show off. These details can be as simple as a row of buttons all the way down the back, or as elaborate as silk flowers cascading the length of a cathedral train. How much or little detail you choose is a matter of preference.

The intrest on this gown is mostly in the back--a row of satin covered buttons, silk chiffon sash and hand made rose.

The row of fabric covered buttons on the back of the dress below work by all by themselves to create a certain simplicity.

Photo by Ron Greystar/All Rights Reserved
Gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum
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