Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Photo: Ron Greystar/All Rights Reserved

As far as accessorizing your gown with a hat, veil or headpiece, just add gloves, earrings and pearls for a real vogue look. The length of glove you choose really depends on your preference and the style of your gown. Typically, long gloves and wide brims suggest more of a high-fashion look — and short gloves and little hats and veils, a more ladylike appearance. Experiment. Getting the right look is all about your preference and trying out proportions until you find the ones you like.
As far as shoes go, it used to be a bride rarely wore sandals or open-toed pumps under her wedding gown. The closed toes were considered de rigueur as were stockings and few brides went without either. Fortunately, today you can go barefoot on the beach if you want. Sandals and thongs are not only an option, they too are considered chic.
Gown and hat by Amy-Jo Tatum

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