Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I counted up the many dresses in my collections made of tulle and have come to the conclusion I must really, really, really love it. Mere wisps or yards and yards of the stuff, this-- the absolute sheerest of all fabrics--is ethereal to the touch and just so gosh darn gorgeous.  Brides love it in everything from one layered veils to gathered skirts in many yards. If you look closely tulle is even more versatile and can be used to create some awesome special effects on bodices, sleeves and gauntlets . . . .

All Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo 3: The LILA Dress

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Sheila said...

Dear Amy-Jo,
Tulle is terrific!
All three gowns are lovely, but I especially love the Lila dress, which you posted on Bride Chic recently. I wonder if it would have been even lovelier if, with the Lila dress, the bride had worn a long veil?
Many thanks for these beautiful designs.