Tuesday, June 21, 2016


What constitutes a long veil? I’d start at the ‘finger tip’ length and work all the way down to the twenty-five foot cathedral. Long veils convey a romantic mood by way of all that added gossamer sheer. Wearing a veil dates back to ancient times and most cultures. The bridal veil in particular has been a symbol of purity as well as mystery in many traditions. Since Biblical times every era it seems has innovated the veil and how it’s worn. Victorians donned yards of handmade laces they passed on to daughters and granddaughters; 1960s brides popularized the pouf veil still stylish today.

Long Veil Lengths
Fingertip-Most popular length; can be worn by nearly every figure type with most silhouettes.
           Waltz-Falls anywhere between knee and ankle.

          Chapel-Considered formal. Extends about a two feet beyond the hemline.
          Cathedral-Most formal. Extends three feet or more beyond the hem.

 Long Veil Styles
Pouf- width of veil is gathered at the crown and can be attached to a headpiece. Generally made out of tulle or English netting. Below
Dropped- This veil is actually dropped onto the head in a single layer of tulle or lace; often bordered with lace or ribbon. The Mantilla is a type of dropped veil. See last photo below

 Photos by Pixamage//All Veils by Amy-Jo Tatum


Sheila said...

Dear Amy-Jo,
These veils are SO beautiful and SO romantic.
Perhaps my two favorites might be the fourth one – the veil trimmed with lace, and the last one – the bride’s face covered by her veil. Dare I ask, which veil might be your favorite?
The long gloves worn by most of these brides add so much elegance.
You really have a great talent for creating gowns, headpieces and other accessories for every type of wedding – from the very formal and traditional, to boho.
Thanks for these lovely pictures.
P.S. Pixamage (Dale G. Nabetta?) is a very fine photographer.

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Unknown said...

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La Fantaisie said...

Amazing wedding veils. They complete the whole wedding gown look of a bride.