Friday, June 17, 2016


I've always loved the weight and feel of a fabric called antique satin, a cross between shantung and satin crepe.  Here I mixed it up with a little white Chantilly lace, adding a tulle overskirt for a real romantic look.  Modeled by the lovely Sabrina, she's showing off just about every aspect of this dress's charm, as a fitted sheath and ball gown all at once. Oddly enough this particular piece was inspired by another Sabrina--yes, the fictional one played so beautifully by Audrey Hepburn in the 1954 film of the same name.  If you remember the scene where she shows up at the party in a number she describes as, " Yards of skirt and way off the shoulder . . ."   This dress is as lovely inside as out, lined in soft China silk.  The hand-rolled floral headpiece is also available as a custom order.

                                    SABRINA Gown available through Amy-Jo Tatum Bride.


Ashley said...

Awesome as usual!

Sheila said...

Hi, Amy-fo,
The Sabrina gown is simply lovely. I like the bare shoulders and the rather filmy skirt. The headpiece is delightful, and the bride;s gloves add a touch of additional elegance.
Happy the bride who will wear this beautiful creation!

Rachel said...

Lovely piece of creation with great work on upper body gown. Headpiece is really beautiful.