About ten years back the length of your gown was a deciding factor in how formal your wedding would be. These days the new code on lengths has more to do with how you feel about wearing a certain gown than what's proper before or after five. So lets get right into what those lengths actually mean. Did you know there's a difference between tea-length and ballerina length? Short and mini? Here are some images to inspire you along to finding your perfect hemline. . . .
 FLOOR-LENGTH-Most common length for bridal gowns, this hemline is graceful and elegant; the hem typically doesn't touch the floor in front BUT MEASURES 1-3" above for ease with walking.

BALLERINA-Ballerina-length skirts fall just above the ankle and are wide and full just like the skirts seen in the corps de ballet.  Full skirts look awesome worn over layers of crinoline petticoats.  A dress this length can go semi and informal depending on the materials and workmanship.
 TEA LENGTH-Falls mid-calf and can be either full and voluminous or fitted. Mostly worn for the informal or semi -formal wedding but showing up more and more at larger celebrations.
SHORT-This shorter style of skirt from those finishing just below or above the knee to the micro mini flatter brides with great legs. Usually worn for cocktail and the less formal civil-style wedding.
ASYMMETRICAL-Irregular hemline falling diagonally. Can start as a mini and go to the floor. Tres chic the last few seasons along with asymmetrical necklines.
GRADUATED OR HIGH-LOW HEM-Hemline is short in front and generally extended into a train in back.
HANDKERCHIEF-Another irregular hemline that falls to a point, more a treatment than length as the longest point usually falls anywhere from the knee down.  Typically in sheer fabrics like chiffon.  Very chic and in now.

All dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum

Header Photo and Photo 3 by Dominic Colacchio Photography//The VALERIE Dress from The Midsummer Bride Shoot
Photo 2: The HARMONY Dress from The Shoot for Ceremony Magazine//Photo by Strotz Photoraphy
Photos 4 and 5: From The City Chic Bride Shoot//Photos by Dominic Colacchio Photography
Photo 7: The CALLIOPE Dress//Behind the scenes shot from The Autumn Champagne Tea In The Woods Shoot
Photo 8: The ANGELIQUE Dress from The Wine Country Rustic Shoot//'Photo by Grace Kathryn//Makeup and Hair by Julie Morgan
Photo 9: The ANASTASIA Dress//Behind the scenes shot from The High Tea Shoot