Friday, March 4, 2016


Today the focus is all on your groom!  In the past we've had some truly incredible photographers shooting not only the brides in all their glory but grooms as well.  These images by Jim Vetter Photography from The Love Stories Shoot offer a kind of visual storytelling about dressing your groom.  Okay, so not just dressing him--throw in accessorizing and bringing him out in the best light.  Because I spend so much time custom making gowns for brides scrutinizing every last detail, some grooms amaze me  how quickly they can put a wowzer look like this together.  used his own wardrobe for this shoot so I'm impressed with how each came up with a look that compliments not only in the clothes  sported but the demeanor as well.  
A blue suit used to mean the less formal affair.  No more.  The ease of a beautifully cut blue suit makes it versatile and ideal for almost any wedding ceremony.


Photography:  Jim Vetter Photography
Makeup: EliteStylist
Models: Joy Mann, Rocio Flores, Curtis Ashton, Keith Hamrick
Venue: Robson-Harrington Park, San Anselmo, Ca


Rachel said...

I am following this blog from quite long now and this was the first time you have focused the groom as well. Its quite interesting to know the groom as well as the bride.

Ashley said...

Love this photography!