Monday, October 19, 2015


Seriously folks, some really great stuff happening here on BC.  Photographer extraordinaire La Keela Smith and I hooked up last summer but due to all kinds of scheduling snafus on my end this shoot was delayed till October 17.  Turned out to be perfect timing for an Autumn Champagne Tea In The Woods.  Such awesome redwoods in Nicasio where we shot this.  We were in an enchanted forest.  These are a few of La Keela's shots of models Molly and Anna Maria--stunning.  For the decor part of the project we saw a tea table set up with a champagne appetizer brunch right smack dab in the woods.  Catch some behind the scenes shots of the decor on tomorrows post--perfect for all of you wanting some Fall entertaining inspiration.  And don't miss La Keela's work in a couple weeks here on Bride Chic.  Believe me, she's as excited as I and all the rest of the amazing wedding pros who contributed their time and talents . . . 
 Photography by LaKeela Smith//Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum////Hair and Makeup by Jill Flores MUA//Models Anna Maria and Molly Newborn///

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Rachel said...

Getting close to nature for a wedding shoot always brings a sense of appreciation and respect towards god's creation. It looks more real and amazing wearing a stunning white gown between the woods. Check out La Fantaisie Miss India World 2015 bridal gown look of Aditi Arya here >>