Monday, October 26, 2015


The Sweetheart neckline is named after a valentine.  I know you can probably guess why.  Never has such focus on the decolletage been so on trend save the 1940s-50s era when romance in fashion was resurrected by Dior and Hollywood.  Almost every wedding submission this blog gets, the bride is in some form of sweetheart neckline.  You'll notice some styles exaggerate the heart shape while others  go for a more subtle version..  Traditional wedding dresses from the Mid-Century often featured heart shaped bustiers and corset bodices with an overbodice of sheer lace or netting (below) creating a see-through effect.  Some designers have adapted this look to current collections--especially with the return to tradition of high collars and longer sleeves as an option.

Header Photo: The Belinda Corset  by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo 4: Bill Smoot Photography//The Tashiko Dress by Amy Jo Tatum

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Sheila said...

Just lovely!
I really think the long gloves sworn by the third bride add so much extra elegance.