Friday, October 16, 2015


I just want to say when you have an incredible model magical things can happen and sometimes the best pictures happen by pure accident.  I took this image a few months back in a test session with Devon.  They were test shots for a project we were doing out at The Presidio in San Francisco, intended for the photographer and MUA prior to the actual shoot.  As it turned out we nixed the blouses  and featured a couple dresses from the Forever Boho Collection.  I knew once we downloaded these gems off the camera something incredible was happening.  The light, though low and dark was perfect and of course the camera adores Devon.  She looks just like a China doll here.  To make a long story short the series of images found their way to Vogue Italia.  We are very jazzed to say the least.  You can see the rest of the test shoot here.

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Congrats Amy!