About every four months I do a  feature on everything you need to know and then some about dressing your groom.  Okay, so not just dressing him--accessorizing and bringing him out in the best light. Today we're not gonna do the whole tutorial,  just chill with that little inspiration the boys bring to the big picture. Because I spend so much time custom making gowns for brides scrutinizing every last detail, a trip to Selix never ceases to amaze me.  Men are just so efficient about getting the cut of their jib right. Shopping for their dream tux with droves of groomsmen in tow and topping off at the bar afterward doesn't seem to be on the guy agenda.  This is my salute to all the boys out there who can get in and out of Selix in ten minutes flat and still manage to come out looking dapper . . . .
 As I've always said--the formality or lack thereof of your fiance's suit dictates the whole dress code of the ceremony.  Above and below is just the thing for formal/semi formal nups///Photos by Nathan Larimer Photography via Smitten Magazine
Above: Country casual--what could be more flattering for the vineyard wedding we featured by photographer Zlata Modeen via Bride Chic?
 Going full fig formal means white tie and tails.  Real bride and groom Natalie and Dave celebrated their wedding anniversary posing for this shoot, recreating their wedding day in all the more ways they couldn't on their wedding day.  Love this most formal of all ensembles from Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand //Photo by  Dominic Colacchio Photography via Big City Chic
What bride could resist her guy going Don Draperesque?  Love this pic by the one and only Chyna Darner via Bride Chic
 A blue suit used to mean the less formal affair.  No more.  The ease of a beautifully cut blue suit makes it versatile and ideal for almost any wedding ceremony//Photo by Jim Vetter Photography via Bride Chic