Monday, January 19, 2015


 Trains are all over the runways and bridal boutiques,  trending big time even for the less formal wedding.  No doubt about it, dresses sporting a full and spread out train can be all out gorgeous in their own right but not for everyone.  The good news is, you can go formal without pulling that train around all day.    So what are your options if you like a real formal look?  If the dress you have your heart set on has a train wear it bustled.  In fact, some brides love the bustling effect  (train tacked up and under) and prefer to keep that French 'Gigi' look going the whole day rather than letting it flow.  
Did you know boutiques can order your dress trainless from some designers (read: some).  Also, you can go to a private designer and have your dress custom made.  Below are a few of my favorite designs sporting no trains but lots of bridal glam . . . .
 The dresses above and directly below all have full skirts in  formal fabrics sans the train with the exception of the below dress bustled leaving you free from ceremony to reception.

 The two A-lines above sport underskirts and flare with floor-length hemlines--there's  back interest on these dresses minus the extension 
 Above is a sheath and evening gown silhouette, as snug in the bodice as it is in the skirt, elegant and beautiful despite the absence of a train . . . . . 
 Considered long and fit for formal weddings, ballerina length (just above the ankle or calf length) is ideal for brides who want to feel dressed up on their wedding day,but want to move around freely . . . .an added plus is you can show off those pretty shoes,
Header Photo by Strotz Photography
Photos 2 and 3 by Bride Chic
Photos 4 and 5 by Lirette Photography
Photos 8.9. 10 and 11 by Jim Vetter Photography

All dresses and head pieces by Amy-Jo Tatum


Monique said...

These dresses have enough elegance to make the cut at a formal wedding--especially love the 1950s look

Unknown said...

Love this idea. It's perfect for outdoorsy mountain brides!

Unknown said...

In love with the second dress. I think this is my wedding dress :) <3
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