The thing that makes a wedding gown so special is attention to detail inside as well as out. Your gown won't look finished off without the proper lining and/or a slip. For snug sheath and evening gown silhouettes an appropriate lining will suffice. Anything beyond an A-line requires a slip that provides structure. So what is structure? The ball gowns below are shaped with slips made out of crinoline--stiff netting.  At left a medium slip is perfect for an A-line and  a very wide and voluminous slip structures the bouffant skirt beside it. Whether you're going for an A-line, princess or full bouffant shape, your slip should be worn separately from your gown (read: yes, as in a whole separate piece). Why? You don't want to add bulk to the waistline. Wedding gowns have enough heavy duty handiwork going on inside, why add more? I know most gowns come with built-ins, but do ask your salon when placing the order to have the designer send your slip as a separate component from the gown.
Directly Above: A-line and Bouffant gowns.  Perfect candidates for the full slip treatment . . . .
                             My client Donna's wonderful purple and red slip.  See how it gives a full skirt that bouffant                   effect? And see just how much crinoline actually shapes it?  Photos by Loic Photography/Right middle photo via Pinterest

Header Photo: Via Tassels
A-line and Bouffant Photos by Lirette Photography and John Truong Photography