Baby it's cold outside!  Not a prob: A winter bride has that magical wonderland backdrop of white and silver light to inspire her.  I really swooned over these bling and feather ice princess images infusing so much glimmer. Something to remember about wearing white in winter--opticals and brights are perfect and pair up beautifully with silver grays.  The last photos show a more muted and elegant white for those who want to ease up donning so much sheen . . .

Top Photo: ZsaZsa Bellagio/Photo 2: Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum via Pinterest
Photo 3: Bling bouquet by Debby Carlisle Bouquets UK/Photo 4:Jeweled and beaded top via Zsa Zsa BellagioBlog via Pinterest
Photo 5: Ice  Princess pantsuit by Chanel via Tumbler
Photo 7: Elie Saab dress via Chiffon et Ribbons/Photo 8: Lace helmut by Alexander McQueen
Photo 9: White turtleneck dress by Chanel
Photo 10: White suede and marabou cape by Amy-Jo Tatum/Snow-laden trees via Tumblr