Lizzy, Jane and Emma--a trio of strong female characters from this literary icon's romantic novels that have endured the centuries.  Evocative of 19th Century oil paintings, these images celebrate the essence of romance--simple silhouettes in soft flowing fabrics and delicate laces.  Add some fine china and a few carefully chosen accessories into the mix and it's a real teatime o f inspiration for all you die hard romantics.  BTW the china is from my own collection--I've been scouting flea markets and garage sales for years now and have ended up with a hodge podge of flowery and flow blue teacups, salad plates, tea pots--you name it,   my clients always get the royal treatment . . .

All gowns and headpieces by Amy-Jo Tatum 
Photos 4 & 5: The Oralie Fascinator
Photo 7: The Emma Gown and Antique Lace Picture Hat (price on request)
Photo 8: The Lydia Hat  (price on request)
Photos 9 &10: The Trilby Hat and Lizzy Gown
All gown prices on Request