Fall is just about here, ushering in all those luxe, opulent fabrics that suggest a certain formality.  Here's Sabrina in the new silk taffeta separates: a silk white bouffant skirt and Audreyesque top cinched with a matching belt. Check out her accessories--a satin pillbox hat and white silk purse.  The shorty gloves add a little something 60s to really pull the look together.

An asymmetrical Chantilly lace and tulle shirred top is paired up with the taffeta skirt.  Still vintage with a dash of  modernesque thrown into the mix . . . .

Separates and accessories are from The Bouffant Collection by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride.  Shot at  Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, Ca.  Photos Copyright Bride Chic 2012.
Sabrina's makeup by Makeup by Audrey/Hair by Intertwine Design