Here's an elegant way to top off your wedding look.  Go Garboesque in a turban.  Fall and winter months are ideal for these ultra elegant head wraps. Adapted from Eastern headdress, the turban is a piece of fabric that wraps around the head.  Hitting its zenith in the late 30s, the 40s ushered in some more variations on the turban mixing functionality with chic.  They went popular during WWII with Rosie the Riveters who kept their hair safely out of machinery with scarves tied turban style.  Borrowing off street-chic, designers hyped up the glam, reinventing the turban in satin and velvet to compliment suits and evening wear.  Tulle and netted turban head wraps topped off with bows or florals were the quickly assembled head adornments of war brides.
Fast forward sixty odd years and you can add a turban to just about any gown and it will rock vintage, definitely setting the stage for an original you as bride.

Turbans and veil by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride