I think you'll agree, one of the chicest ways of pulling yourself together on your wedding day is through exquisite jewelry.  Once restricted to pearl necklaces and earrings, brides have so many more options these days I can't count them (although a great set of pearls is always in vogue).  These two collections by Denise Hazelton and Miriam Haskell highlight vintage jewelry at it's finest.  The biggee plus here is all of it goes great with wedding fashion.  I adored these pieces and was tickled when Studiolo joined in on this project to have them photographed with my gowns for the Art Meets Fashion shoot.  Which is your fave here . . .?


Photography by JohnT Photography
                         Lirette Photography
Jewelry by Studiolo
Gowns and Headpieces by Amy-Jo Tatum
Makeup by Julianne Chai
Models: Lauren Purcell and Brandi Howell