Friday, February 18, 2011


Etsy Clutches
Waht a great time to be a bride.  Check out these adorable clutches to sport on your days of days . . . all from Etsy so they have that out of the ordinary element you've been searching for. 

Top Left: Tiered Rose Clutch Purse - Creme Brulee by Davie and Chiyo
Top Right: Couture Lace Kisslock Clutch by It's So Clutch
2nd Row Left: White Ostrich Feather Purse by Powder Blue Bijou
2nd Row Right: Handmade silver clutch by Arm Candy for You 
Third Row left:  Bridal Clutch Adorned With Pearls And Rhinestones by Paris xox
Third Row Right: Gold jelly bean clutch by Bi Chen
Bottom Left: Ruffle Chain Clutch by Una Shop 
Bottom Right: Diamond White Beaded Clutch by Powder Blue Bijou

Special thanks to M Freeza over at SMP Style Circle for putting together these lovely images


Wedding Invitations said...

I am in looove with these. I want them all!!!

Rachel - theWeddingVine said...

These clutches are incredible! Just the right size for all your essentials!