Monday, February 21, 2011

DECADES: Bridal Fashion of the Late Sixties and Early Seventies

The late sixties/seventies era is known primarily for wild and off-beat chic except for a few pockets of elegance here and there  Thanks to a some savvy designers, the funk was fine-tuned into into high fashion.  The era was the most politically charged of the century and invariably spilled over even into haute couture. 
The above gown is 
 out of Vogue UK 1966, a bouffant out of lace and satin by Belinda Belville (Later of Belville-Sassoon fame)

Another Belinda Belville masterpiece.  Though featured in Vogue Pattern Book April/May 1970, the precisely placed buttons, luxe taffeta and use of lace make this gown timeless, wearable in any decade.

What a day for a day dream . . . this is actually a Vogue Pattern for what was dubbed an 'Edwardian' gown. More mainstream to bridal than the above images, it mixes up two eras in one look; the floppy horse hair hat was a hark back to a vintage craze going on that celebrated the life of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchannan.
This design while conservative with a traditional  Alencon lace bodice and satin sash has has 70s bohemian elements in the sleeve and floppy hat 


Marry me said...

The ladies of 60s and 70 were more more sexy and gorgeous rather than 21st century's because she believed in natural beauty not in cosmetic....


Rachel - theWeddingVine said...

I love the 70's dress with the lace covered top and bow underbust, its beautiful!