French designer Stephanie Staub of Little Eglantine is renowned in the UK for her stunning flowergirl dresses and pageboy outfits. Recently she launched her new winter collection for 2011. Says Stephanie, 'This winter, girls will be wearing ¾ length sleeves. Claire flower girl dress has an obvious French touch, says the designer. Matching fuchsia and grey is a trend in France right now. During winter, one often tends to choose darker colors, but I think that little girls should keep their spark even during that period of the year. The fuchsia taffeta brings light and fun to this winter flower girl dress. It is quite original and yet very classic. I designed the sleeves to be ¾ length so that the girls are warmer and still enjoy a trendy dress.”

For the designer, every little detail counts : look at the fuchsia buttons at the back, they make all the difference! Stephen the pageboy wears a pirate shirt in white cotton, with matching grey silk taffeta trousers and fuchsia cummerbund. They both form a lovely couple brides love to walk down the aisle with!

Having two children of her own, Stephanie knows good fit and quality fabrics are important.  What is even more important is that children actually want to wear the clothes!  Stephanie has searched the world for the most unique fabrics and she devotes her time to design garments based on the wishes of the brides-to-be.

Now, a little more about Stephanie.  Brought up in the heart of French aristocracy, Stephanie Staub spent her entire childhood surrounded by elegance and good taste. On her tenth birthday, Stephanie made her own first steps in sewing, which culminated in her making her own party dresses as an adult, as well as all of the flower girls' dresses and page boys' outfits for her wedding...After she had then taken some time out to complete her business studies diploma, she naturally came back once again, to her first love of sewing, but this time as a business venture!  And so, Little Eglantine was born, focusing exclusively on dresses and outfits for children, for all special occasions, with particular a focus on wedding designs.  My take on this is any of these darling little ensembles in taffeta would make great candidates for a holiday party as well as wedding.  You can see all of the collections on her Little Eglantine site where you'll find not only the spring collection but custom fabrics as well as christing and name day slections.