Thursday, December 23, 2010


 It's already spring time in Manhattan.  This was the scene at Kleinfeld Manhattan for Priscilla Troy's trunk show featuring her magnificent collection of vintage and reproduction parasols. Priscilla has such a stunning array of these chic little props with the most intricate detailing I've ever seen, some with lace dating back to the 1890s.   When constructed in silk fabric instead of paper, the parasols last and make beautiful keepsakes to pass on. Her collection has not only more functional products out of linen and cotton but deacquisitioned pieces from The Brooklyn Museum of Art which consist of silk and lace gems dating back to the Civil War. Raised in the South, Priscilla moved West and pursued a career as a graphic designer and advertising art director. Today, she engages in conceptual textiles and became interested in “Shade Art” by reintroducing the parasol as both a protective devise and a fashion accessory. She feels, "One does not just carry a parasol, but wears it as a lifestyle choice. "  You can check out more chic by visiting Priscilla's site.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas


Rhian Morris said...

Parasols are important for chic and practical reasons. They work well as a partial shield from the sun as wel as being beautiful.

Rachel - theWeddingVine said...

Love all the parasols! they are so pretty!