Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 Porcelain Poet

One version of Goth making it big in the bridal arena is Lolita dressing-aka, Alice and/or the baby doll concept.  The Gothic Lolita fashion movement originated in the Harajuko district in Japan and is growing in popularity in the West. It's become a  favorite concept for artsy photo shoots lately and some fashion designers are finding a real niche in it.  Gothic Lolita girls collect elaborate wardrobes of what looks like 19th century inspired doll clothing. On top of that activities for serious Lolita followers might include the romanticized ideas of yesteryear such as tea parties and croquet matches. The white pinafores and ruffled dresses with full mini skirts covered in lace make this look a great alternative for bridal. You can go all-out costumey or tone down the Raggedy-Ann look by creating more of a fashion appearance as in most of the images here. A great look that seems to have been embraced by tiny and shorter women who love to capture the embodiment of youth . . .
 Photographed by Kassandra Leigh Purcell/Dress for Rakuen Fashion


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Gorgeous dresses! Just like something you would want to dress your dolls in!