Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I fell in love with di Gio back in the 1990s when I bought my first Vogue Sposa Magazine. Clients who read Sposa and happened upon this clean-lined collection, often wanted to incorporate some element from a di Gio gown into their own design. Today I still give the Le Sposa di Gio line A+ for purity of line and fabrication. Founded in 1975 by the di Capitani sisters of Italy, their look has always been consistent, contemporary and realistic for today’s bride.

Check out the fabrics. You’re not likely to find these kinds fibers in many other collections. The header shot is their classic—the one I most associate with the di Gio collection.

For a more comprehensive look at di Gio's collection, check out their website. If you're a bride living in the US you can find out more about Le Sposa di Gio through Joan Gilbert Bride in San Francisco.


Stephanie said...

I ::love:: that none of these dresses are strapless. I'm so over the strapless trend as of late.

Carol said...

Missing the upside down bride !!
These gowns take my breath away. You always manage to find such gorgeous stuff !!