I've long been a fan of Dutch bridal couture. I discovered way back, this land of tulips, windmills and canals has a unique respect for the winter bride and knowing exactly how to dress her. Holland uses those thick and rich winter fabrics like peau and brocade in some of the most creative ways. Keep in mind at the forefront of Dutch costume is that big ruff collar and various lace treatments. You'll find scaled down and refined adaptions of the collar and plenty of lace in these collections. Nobody's forgotten the Dutch bride come spring either as you'll see below.

Envie Couture

Natasja Sadi
At right is Natasja Sadi's brocade jacket with silk underdress.

Astrid Ritmeester's ensembles above and below are the real deal for chilly weather brides.

Astrid Ritmeester

Jaap Rijnbende

Jaap Rijnbende
The two photos above prove Jaap Rijnbende works great looks for spring-summer as well as winter.

Above photos: The workrooms of Els Hillenius in Haarlem, Holland.