Hair stylist Kathie Rothkop and make-up artist Robert Ward getting Sarah ready for the shoot
For sometime now I’ve wanted to add hair art as an ongoing feature. Watching the love and care stylists put into their work makes me realize just how much hair is indeed an art form. With or without the veil, hair is one of the most significant aspects in pulling together a total look. Shown here is the extraordinary work of hair designer Kathie Rothkop of Salon Glam in Novato California. Working with her on this shoot was awe-inspiring; she wove wonders with flowers and hair jewels, wigs and the layering of locks. Her appreciation of hair history is especially seen below in Kellie’s 1930s film goddess look.
Photography-Henley Photography
Make-up-Robert Ward
Gowns-Amy-Jo Tatum
Hair-Kathie Rothkop

Top: 1930s glam look. Rhinestone studed Stephanotis blossoms decorate Kellie’s marceled and wrapped sweep.

Middle: Florals add romance to Sarah's bun. Below and Bottom: Braids wrap and fall loosely as stephanotis is placed along this hair roll.

More of Kathie’s work can be seen on her website at