Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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I’ve spent most of my life in blue jeans so I have no idea what to look for in a wedding dress. I like the idea of wearing a long, white dress on my wedding day but I’m finding it confusing to know what I’m going to look good in. I’m 5’9” and slender. Can you help?

How lucky can you get? You’re going to hear it again and again—tall women look best in any style (well, just about) whether it be ball gown, A-line or sheath. Some words of caution though: There have been some tall, svelte, otherwise lovely brides of late who went way over Niagara with the frou-frou and piled on drapery. Yes, you certainly can carry around more weight and bulk than most but still need to keep scale and proportion in mind even if you are tall.

*Sheaths and evening gown silhouettes. They really compliment your body if you’re in shape.

*Two-piece dressing like a floor-length suit or coat and dress combo. It’s original and takes someone like you to really carry it off.

*Shrugs and boleros. You’re one of the lucky few that can wear them.

* A ball gown. Talk about drama! You’ll look like Giselle!

*You can go all out and carry off all those beautiful back details: florals, bows, big and intricate bustles, etc.

*Heavier fabrics like brocade and velvet, you can carry them..

*a wide belt or sash in a contrasting shade or color if you want to appear shorter.

*Bouffant hair-dos and high headpieces. Unless, that is, your groom has the proportions of Wilt Chamberlin.

*Victorian gowns with high necks and long tight sleeves. All that elongation puts you over the top.

*Long panel trains. You’ll come off even thinner.

*Flats or ballerina slippers if your hem is above the floor and your feet are long and narrow. You’ll come off looking like Olive Oil.

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