There’s plenty out there about going green for your wedding but what about after? Whether you’ve had your gown custom designed out of green fibers or special ordered it through a salon, now what? Some brides are going to be sentimental and preserve the gown for generations. That’s okay. This posting though is for all those wanting to pass on what they wore to someone else and help make our world a better place through recycling. I found the following blurb on the I Do Foundation’s website and couldn’t agree more, “If storing your dress in a box under your bed, or in a hanging bag in your closet is not your idea of a good cause, then keep the pictures, but put the dress to good use and help support the I Do Foundation.”
Your gown is a very special and powerful piece of clothing. With it comes (or goes) a certain psychic energy that carries your joy and promise to the next wearer.


BRIDAL CONSIGNMENT- More of these places are cropping up for two reasons: Brides-to-be who won’t spend over 2000k on a designer gown, and former brides who don’t mind parting with their gown. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s little difference between second-time-around bridal consignment and the higher end salons. Owners are persnickety about what they take in and nothing goes on display unless it’s in top condition, cleaned and pressed like new. These shops have standards they follow too. They won’t take any Four Weddings and a Funeral style cast-offs, over altered or trashed gowns.
DONATE TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY SHOP-Donating to a bridal consignment will earn you a share of your gown’s percentage. Donate to a shop like The Bridal Garden in New York City and fees will benefit NYC school children. Now wouldn't that make you feel great? Few charities have a whole store exclusively devoted to bridal like the Bridal Garden though. Most will have a section for gowns and formal wear.

DONATE TO A FOUNDATION-Believe it or not there are several foundations set up just for donating bridal wear (including bridesmaids gowns). Great! Gowns are such a big biz that whole organizations distribute them to others. Here are a few to check out:

Brides Against Breast Cancer: Donate your gown here and you’ll be giving a bride-to-be a great chance to get a discounted gown while helping grant the wish of someone with breast cancer. http://www.makingmemories.org/

I Do Foundation-Through I Do you can donate to the charity of your choice. http://www.idofoundation.org/

Heavenly Angels in Need-This one makes me well up with tears. Once your gown is donated, seamstresses use the fabric to make children’s burial garments. Having a SIDs baby in our family I understand the needs of grieving families and just how much a little satin and lace can make. http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/

Wedding Dress Ministry-Christian women leaders rent wedding gowns to women in Kenya who are not able to afford gowns to marry in. Profits collected from rents are used in the women’s ministry outreach. www.icmusa.org/donate.php

Don’t forget your bridesmaids. There are foundations like the Princess Project that have a selection of prom and bridesmaid dresses that help young women get out to that big night in style.