Monday, April 24, 2017


I think certain flowers have a particular significance for each of us. Finding an inspiration point and blending that idea with your dress is just the beginning of working one or a few colors into an overall theme. Size and proportion are something else to consider. Some of us like the idea of carrying a huge burst of three to four different kinds of flowers in an arrangement while someone else goes for the simplicity of a small nosegay.   Since flowers are a seasonal thing--tulips in spring, mums in the fall, your dress is probably going to reflect that too. The images below are all about Spring pairings, by Santa Barbara-based Camille Panzerello.  
All images by Grace Kathryn
Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Makeup and hair by Julie Morgan
Florals in last photo by Bride Chic


Unknown said...

Beautiful Gown for wedding.It is one of its kind wedding gown.Thanks for sharing these gowns with us . Keep blogging.

Unknown said...

Lovely gowns! Flowers add a charm to the dress and bride look both.

ALYSSA said...

So beautiful, love all of them

Brenda's Wedding Blog said...

Gorgeous spring floral pairings - I can't even pick a favorite. So beautiful with your wedding gowns.

Balsa Circle said...

What a lovely pairing! The dress is so lovely and the flowers are perfect for summer/spring events!

Beth said...

Fantastic post! You illustrate the different pairings beautifully!