Monday, April 17, 2017


You can change the look of a traditional gown or accentuate your 20s-30s style by adding one of these Gatsby-style veils or head pieces when you top off your wedding look.  Adding a period piece to a classic wedding dress definitely adds character.   These images are from The Gatsby's Bride Shoot, paired up with gowns from that unforgettable era.  You can find these gems in my Gatsby's Bride Collection
Above: The Mantilla Veil dropped on top of the head and directly above worn low on the forehead a la 1920s . . . .Below: A chignon accented by a rose floral.  Stunning!
Above: Plumes can be fun, dramatic and elegant all at once.  Trendy right now, they accentuate basic dresses and evening gown styles beautifully.  Below: A jeweled headband worn low on the forehead.

All head chic by Amy Jo Tatum

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Unknown said...

Lovely Wedding gowns. Hair-do is pretty awesome of the second bride. What this style called?