Monday, March 13, 2017


The plume. It proffers a touch of the sophisticate as well as pure whimsy. Plumes are hot right now with the revival of Gatsby styles a few years back and our love affair with Downton Abbey.   While they go with pretty much anything formal, try a plume or a few of them if you're going with more of an evening gown look.

 Top Photos 1-5: Plume headpieces  by Batcakes Couture///Photos by Stephanie Williams Photography
Photos 6-9: Plume headpieces by Amy Jo Tatum///Photos by Sweetlight Studios
Photos 10-11: Velvet and plume headpiece by Amy Jo Tatum///Photos by Henley Photo


Ashley said...


Unknown said...

Plumes give a bride the perfect vintage look. And I am glad its back in trend.

Sheila said...

Hi, Amy-Jo,
I think these pictures will be of great interest to brides who are seeking an alternative to the traditional; veil.
My favorites are photos 8 & 9 – Amy-Jo creations. I also like the gown in photos 8 & 9 – worn with my favorite long gloves.
Best Wishes,

Unknown said...

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