Okay, I might be a tad bit early here with daisies but if you're planning a summer wedding I promise they will inspire.  And, daisies might just get you thinking about a 'Summer of Love' or 'Field of Daisies' theme.  For me, daisies evoke youth, sunlight and whimsy.  The daisy was prominent in 1960s fashion and became one of the symbols of peace and love . . .


Photo 1: Sizal Hat by Amy Jo Tatum
Photo 2: Straw Hat with dasies by Amy Jo Tatum
Photos 3 and 4: via Pinterest///via Heavenly Blooms
Photo 5: The Marilyn Dress by Amy Jo Tatum//Photo by ejones photography 
Photo 6: Photo of Lindsay Wagner from Scruples with daisy bouquet
Photo 7: The Madelyn Dress by Amy Jo Tatum
Photo 8:  The Tatayna Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum//Photo by Dominic Colacchio Photography
Photo 9: The Polly Dress by Amy Jo Tatum///Photo by Samantha Brancato Photography