Over the years I've done some of my best work creating designs for tiny people, or to be more precise, flower girls.  Some are now married, which gives you an idea of how long I've been at it!  Hopefully, these images will give you inspiration on everything from dresses to florals . . . .Either making the trek down the aisle or weaving in and out of festivities, kids add a bright and energetic tone to any wedding. In Europe, kids make up the wedding party almost entirely. Remember Lady Diana's wedding to Prince Charles in 1981? Her eldest attendant was a junior bridesmaid. The rest were taffeta-clad flower girls and pages dressed in the traditional costume of the English Court. Whatever theme or direction your wedding takes, children's fashion usually echoes that of the wedding party.  The images above and below are from my own wedding that sported a Scottish Highland theme.
 Above: Not young enough to be a flower girl; not quite old enough to play bridesmaid, so how do you dress her? Actually junior bridesmaids have been gracing European weddings for centuries where the bridal party is made up primarily of children ranging in age from about four to sixteen. So how does a girl between 8 and 16 dress? By fourteen she can probably go with or a least echo the adult bridesmaids
 Above: Sierra was a flower girl at my wedding but served as a great model for the sample dresses I turned out once upon a time.  She just gave birth to her own baby who just happens to be my grand-nephew . . . .
Above: My client's daughter as flower girl--how cute is she?

All dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photos 1-4 by Hope Stewart
Photos 5,6,7 by Bride Chic
Photos 8 and 9 by Amy Perl Photography