Loving all those brown weddings I'm seeing more and more of.  Brown wedding schemes usually have some element that's rustic in them.  That's part of what makes the overall look so incredible once it's all put together-- the art of mixing distressed with elegance.  If you're having thoughts of seating your guests in a barn with raw walls and floors think about hanging crystal from the ceiling and putting candelabras on the tables. 

Photo 1: Photo Chic
Photos 2 and 3: Brown gift candles via Favor Ideas //Brown Bouquet via eBay
Photo 4: The Venice Lace Corset by Amy-Jo Tatum 
Photo 5: Brown orchids via Chic Vintage Brides
Photo 6: Brown tulle dress via Pinterest
Photo 7: Brown and gold glass bouquet via Green Wedding Shoes
Photo 8: Beige headpiece via Pinterest
Photos 9 and 10: Brown bow via Green Trader // Boutonniere via Green Weding Shoes
Photo 11: Barn event design by Joy de Vivre//Photo by Mark Brooke via Style Me Pretty
Photos 12 and 13: Cake via Martha Stewart Weddings// Bon Bons via Pinterest
Photo 14: Burlap wreath via etsy
Photo 15: The HARMONY Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum 
Photos 16 and 17: Invitations via  Style Me Pretty//The CHARLOTTE Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum