Imagine picture hats paired up with short white gloves.  Add lace doilies under floral tea cups, sliver tea pots with peonies mixed in with blush roses. Lay out all the fine china and here comes the bride donning a vintage lace tea gown circa 1920.  These are some of the one-off details that make up a high tea wedding.  Teatime is my number one theme for the reason it incorporates some of the most lady-like elements of entertaining, fashion and decor. This polished and sophisticated late afternoon mini-meal over the centuries has become the perfect showcase for delectable little sandwiches and scrumptious petits fours framed by white lace doilies. Once upon a time high tea was celebrated by really enjoying those afternoon hours before sunset, the perfect time for a wedding celebration.  While high tea suggests all the formality of a big wedding it's also perfect for the informal celebration.  You can keep it simple and at the same time elegant serving finger sandwiches, small pastries, tea and champagne, buffet style.  Whether you're planning a large or small wedding I hope these images are an inspiration point for you . . . .

Tip: If you search thrift shops and flea markets, you'll find every kind of tea cup and pot you can imagine.  Go ahead and mix up patterns.  These days you can lay out a whole potpourri of diverse designs. 
Tip: Use 9-12-inch wide cuts of lace as runners to decorate a table before you lay down china and food laden platters ....

Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photos 2-4: Jim Vetter Photography//Bride Chic
Photo 5: Jim Vetter Photography
Photo 6: Bride Chic
Photos 8-14: Bride Chic
Photos 15, 16 & 17 by Jim Vetter Photography