I've been planning this shoot since August so naturally I'm excited to finally share these images with you.  What could be more romantic for an autumn wedding than a champagne tea in the woods?  I'd envisioned this as elegant yet at the same time a rustic and  b
Bohoesque sort of celebration fusing the elements of nature into the fashion and decor.  Starting with the table scape we added pine cones, bare branches, berries and scattered leaves. Add blue Hydrangea turning shades of green mixed with Cotoneaster berries as a centerpiece with blue plaid and lace table runners.  The menu for this spread we covered a couple weeks back with a few of the behind the scenes shots.  You can check it out again and find most of the recipes here.

I had that kind of fine art vision for this shoot so I was lucky to hook up with Bay Area photographer, LaKeela Smith who captured that asthetic beautifully.  The dresses are from the Forever Boho Collection, focusing on easy silhouettes, soft fabrics and exquisite laces.  The Redwoods are absolutely awesome, majestic and made the perfect backdrop for this project.


LaKeela Smith Photography//Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum////Hair and Makeup by Jill Flores MUA//Models Anna Maria and Molly Newborn///